Tuesday, November 3, 2009

About Time

..that I fill in whats been going on the last week! Hopefully I can remember it all..

I went to my doctors appointment Thursday evening feeling hopeful and optimistic. I had been having contractions since last Tuesday and expected to see some major progress in the cervix department. Unfortunately, I was only a fingertip dilated, and I think she may have just said that to make me feel better. 3 weeks of being checked and the only change is a darn fingertip! I was really disappointed.

Friday, I did a lot of looking online for natural inducers. Throughout the weekend, we tried a few. I drank raspberry leaf tea. I used a birthing ball. I ate chili. We walked at the zoo. We had sex. Nothing seemed to make a difference. I still have contractions, but never in any sort of pattern.

Saturday night, we even went to a haunted house to try and scare him out! It didn't happen, but the house was a lot of fun!

We trick or treated with the kids for a bit on Saturday. We also watched Tyler for about an hour because they wanted to continue and it was too cold. Sunday, Tyler became very sick and went to the ER. He has the flu. Apparently they are not testing to find out which flu it is, because they are treating them all the same. I called my OB Monday morning to let her know I was directly exposed and she prescribed me Tamiflu, just to be safe. Luckily, I haven't felt ill.

I go back to the doctor Friday, the day before my official due date. It seems that an induction may be in my future. I'm hoping me staying active and busy this week will help him out naturally. Only time will tell.


The Patterson's said...

Hard to believe your due date is so close! I hope you see some real progress on Friday (or before!).

Jackie said...

I've heard that castor oil works to get thing going... but it tastes hideous!

cady said...

I've heard doing serious housecleaning, especially the baseboards, and eating eggplant parmigiana help. I plan on eating lots of spicy food when my due date gets near!

Sarah said...

I have been following your story almost since you started this blog & have commented a few times before. It's incredible that you have come so far & are so close to meeting your son!!! I just wanted to wish you well & let you know we're praying for you 3. Enjoy these last days of pregnancy & good luck!!! Can't wait to see your precious boy!!!!!!

Megan said...

Break out the crow bar...... :)

☆ Loren ☆ said...

Hang in there E! A son with patience who isn't in a hurry will be a good thing in the future! ;) Sending much love your way! Can't wait to see the first pictures of the cutie!

Saffy said...

Wow, I can't believe that your ticker is down to 3 days - I've been following that ticker for so long and it's almost time! Woohoo!!! I think that nesting is a real clue that it's time, it certainly worked for us. All the very best :)

Rachel said...

No castor oil!!! It will give you diarrhea and can often make the baby have the first poop (meconium) inside your belly, which is really bad for the lungs if he inhales it at birth. So no castor oil!

twondra said...

Hope you get some progress!! Been thinking about ya!!

Stephanie said...

Eat lots of spicy food and I've even heard that nipple stimulation works(sounds odd but hey whatever at this point :)

Jenni said...

Hang in there!!! Just think of this as extra bonus time with Tom :) ( i know how frustrating it is, i was a week overdue with my first) Rent some movies! :)

PS i second NO ON CASTOR OIL. One of my BF's did it years ago and she went into labor- but labored on the toilet at the hospital with massive diarrhea.. she could hear the nurses laughing at her outside of her room! AWFUL!!! Stick with chili and sex! :)

Joy said...

Unfortunately no matter what you try none of it will work unless your baby and body are ready. I took Evening Primrose Oil for a few weeks and it only made me go from 1cm to 2cm in a matter of two weeks! I had hoped it would help things along more. Nah, didn't do a thing. A membrane sweep seems to really help my body go into labor so you could ask your doc about that on Friday. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Mush said...

Nearly time! Try to chill out and relax so that your natural endorphins can kick start the labour.

How long will they let you go over? We are allowed 14 days before being induced and even then you can go longer with monitoring.

Only 15% or lower of babies come by their due date and first time babies seem to be a bit later. All generally speaking of course, it's not the rule.

Due dates aren't an exact science, he will come when he is ready, just take it easy and be patient!

Your gonna be a Mummy any day now! Can't wait to see pictures and I so hope you don't get sick.


liveg220 said...

I wish I had the chance to experience some of what you are going thru. My first was born 5 weeks early and spent 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU. My second was born 3 months early at 1 lb 8 oz and spent nearly 6 months in the hospital. We are extremely BLESSED that neither of them have any health issues today. They will be 2 and 3 this month.

As hard as it may be, try to enjoy these feelings and remember those who don't get the chance to go thru what you are experiencing right now.

I know so many moms who say they would give anything to go thru those last months of their pregnancy so they did not have to watch their little babies suffer so much to survive.

I do also understand that part of it is because you have waited so long and gone thru so much to get to where you are. Best of luck during these last days and we will be praying for a smooth labor and delivery for you.

beth ewing said...

hang in there. a friend of mine had nothing just like you. then one day she just felt a bit off. that night the contractions started and she had her baby the next morning. it can happen. i'm all with the housecleaning and such. i know a few that have started that way. also castor oil. if you get the tasteless kind i promise it's not bad (tried it). it just tastes a bit greasy.

Mrs. Hammer said...

A fingertip - that's it? Heck I'm dialated a fingertip. Tell that little boy to get a move on! :) Oh go see a movie, it worked for my mom, twice.

LucieP said...

I second everything Mush said...
Hang in there!

Try not to focus on the date but instead your body...as long as your urine and pressure and baby are all good and stable...Baby Boy can hang a little longer....I know you're SO ready! You can do it!!

Bill & Angie Ryan said...

Hi Erin! I find myself checking your blog more often these days hoping to see your new little boy! I know how anxious it is to be waiting for your son to arrive. I really hope that you enjoy these last few days of pregnancy. In God's time, you will be holding your sweet little boy!

Prayers for a easy and safe delivery!

Big Hugs,
Angie Ryan
Portland, OR

williamson family said...

All in time girlfriend! I know that you are sick of hearing that. I know I was but it's so true. Once he's here, he's here for good! If anything he will probably be here within the week (induction or not). I'll be praying for you three! Can't wait to hear the news!

agk11808 said...

i don't know if you read my blog at all, but i have commented before, and was due 12/10/09...well my little lady couldn't wait any longer and arrived 10/30/09. try and stay calm and enjoy the last days of being pregnant since this came so unexpected, i really miss not sitting down and enjoying the last kicks (mostly b/c i didn't know they were going to be my last)
Good Luck

Cin said...

Because you're Irish, have you tried waving a Guiness in that general region?? (grin)

I know you want him out with you but remember to rest. This will be the last time you get to rest when YOU want for a while.

Have you considered spending some time cooking and freezing meals for when you don't feel like cooking?


Heather said...

I know it is frustrating to not see much progress...I actually thought I would go early and was shocked when they had to schedule an induction...you still have time, you never know...Lilly decided to make her appearance by putting me in active labor just a few hours before my scheduled induction.

Lots of luck!

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