Wednesday, October 21, 2009

37 Weeks

Thanks for your sweet comments on my friends story. She said she wrote it for fun, since she finds writing de-stresses her. She never planned on sharing it with me, but felt the need to yesterday. I am humbled and very aware of what a great friend she is!

*Ill add a picture tonight!*
How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain: 18 lbs.
Maternity clothes: I'm looking forward to packing those away..
Sleep: I miss it
Best moment this week: Shower
Movement: Hes still very active..I'm waiting for it to slow down
Food cravings: Chocolate
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly button: Full outie!
What I miss: Not having an achy body
What I am looking forward to: Another appointment Friday, hoping for progress!
Weekly Wisdom: You wouldn't believe how quickly 37 weeks fly by..sheesh!
Milestones: Full term

There are two things I wanted to address. I have been given quite a few awards lately and just wanted to say thanks. I am horrible at posting them and passing them on, but will try to be better about it! Thank you for thinking of me! Please know, I enjoy reading your blogs JUST as much. Speaking of that, if you are newer to my blog and would like to be added to my blog roll, let me know!

Also, I have had a few friend requests on that one website with the word face in it..Tom and I agree that I should keep my blog friends and fbook friends separate. There is a lot of personal information in fbook, and with the baby coming, we decided to keep fbook limited to real life friends and family. I hope this doesn't offend anyone. Additionally, no one in real life reads my blog. I am so raw and honest on it and I think I wouldn't be if I knew who was reading it. This way, I can continue what Ive done the past year, as it works for me! Thanks for understanding!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


amanda said...

wow...37 weeks. amazing!! i totally understand the fb stuff. i think i 'tried' adding you a long time ago. i'm totally open on both so i figure for me i've got nothing to lose. lol. but i TOTALLY know what you mean about irl ppl reading...i know my mil reads my blog and have not said somethings because of it. it sort of stinks. so i say keep doing what you're doing...:0) can't wait to 'see' your little peanut!

MysteriousMindy said...


I've been following your blog for a couple months now and am getting very excited for your upcoming birth. My husband and I just went through our first cycle of fertility treatment (I am diagnosed with PCOS)and had a BFN, so we'll be starting another round as soon as aunt flow decides to make its arrival. You can follow "our climb" at if you're interested

Best of wishes!

Joy said...

Fingers crossed for progress!

kim_brough said...

I keep checking your blog to see the "i'm in labor" or "he's here" post!

And I don't have one, so is there a reason you can't say facebook when you're talking about it?

Melinda said...

I'm not really new but I don't comment much. I'd love for you to add me to your list. A little history...we struggled with infertility for years before deciding to adopt (the most beautiful Guatemalan girls you've ever seen). Almost 3 years later we find out we're pregnant...somehow! I'm 29 weeks and our little family couldn't be happier!

I've enjoyed your blog and have used it as a reference many times to my own pregnancy! Good luck in the upcoming weeks! We're all excited to meet your little blessing!


Sue said...

Oh I totally agree you need to keep some stuff private! And congrats on 37 weeks, can't wait to hear about your peanut's birth!!!!

Melissa said...

i've been reading for a while now, but just started following tonight! add me to your list if you don't mind. i'm going to be adding you to mine. i love reading and keeping up with the pregnancy. can't wait to read about his arrival and see his name!

Meant to be a mom said...

I don't blame you at all about the facebook thing. The only people I know that read my blog are family members. I don't care if they do but that doesn't mean I want everyone I went to highschool with reading it. I get what you mean.

Nicole said...

I'm the same way about fbook and blogging (but I'm even more nervous about someone I know reading my IF thoughts so I am private on my blog). And you don't have to worry about continuing the award I sent you! I understand :)

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Nicholas was born at 37 weeks and 4day perfectly healthy... so you right there Erin... Good Luck with your delivery it could be any day now...


Jess said...

3 more weeks! I can't wait to "meet" him!

Thanks for your sweet comment, you are a wonderful blog friend to have!

Dave and Elaine said...

Time is ticking loudly!!! I can't believe you are already full-term and this little guy will be here before we know it!

~*Michelle*~ said...

popping over from Amanda's blog.....

you must be so excited to meet your little blessing! How awesome! Feel free to add me to your blogroll too. :)