Sunday, October 11, 2009

36 Weeks

Picture: Me freezing my booty off at the pumpkin farm.
How far along? 36 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 15 lbs. from pre-pregnancy
Maternity clothes? The majority of it is too short, so my belly plays peek-a-boo!
Sleep: Needing more of it lately
Best moment this week: Maternity pics
Movement: He seriously moves all day. I set my hand down for two seconds and he moves.
Food cravings: Cider-I think its fall related, not pregnancy related!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: I'm not sure..theres been different "feelings"
Belly Button in or out? Way out..I think its adorable in pictures
What I miss: Wearing normal clothes
What I am looking forward to: REALLY looking forward to my appt. Wed
Weekly Wisdom: Breathing does not get easier, even when baby drops
Milestones: 9 Months pregnant!


Brittney said...

Wow!! You're so close! What an adorable pic among the pumpkins:)

Also wanted to let you know I have an award waiting for you on my blog:)

Sarah said...

You look like you might be hiding a pumpkin under your sweatshirt! :)

You are getting close!! Very exciting!

Laura said...

You're getting so close and look great! I'm so excited for you!!

Maddy said...

It looks like there is a pumpkin under your shirt!!!!

Jessica said...

You are way past adorable! Great picture!

Ashley said...

YOu look great!! You make me feel bad..only gaining 15 pounds when I alreday gained 16:) The countdown is on!!!

Sarie Lou said...

it looks like you're smuggling a pumpkin!

The Beaver Bunch said...

Wow Erin, it has FLOWN by, these last 36 weeks. Maybe not so much for you, but sitting on the outside watching it seems to have flown by fast.

Of course, I know you've treasured every second!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

How cute are you!!

FireWife425 said...

Been forever since I've commented or checked-in for that matter...

WOW! It's hard to believe you are 36 weeks. You look great. Best wishes during these last few weeks & enjoy all the sleep you can get now :-)

williamson family said...

Almost time! I'm getting so excited!
And I have to agree with you... even when the baby drops, breathing is still difficult. It does not at all get any easier. Can't wait to hear more. Oh and the Maternity pics... FABULOUS!

Mike and Katie said...

That's so funny! Did they frisk you on the way out thinking you were trying to sneak off with one of their pumpkins?

Kriss said...

It might just be the sweatshirt but it looks like you have dropped a little. -kriss

Stephanie said...

I remember this time...I was sooo ready for it to be over!

You are looking great and so excited! Can't wait to meet the little prince!

Molly said...

Great picture!
I remember all my shirts getting too short at the end, and feeling so embarassed to have my belly hanging out.

Jackie said...

Just look what happens when you swallow those pumpkin seeds! LOL You look so good.