Friday, September 11, 2009


There is so much to say, I'm going to try not to ramble. :)

*House situation- About two weeks ago, we received another offer on our home. We recently dropped the price a bit and had been having quite a few showings. The offer was terribly low, as all the others had been. We countered the offer and for the first time, got something in return, rather than the family walking away. We countered back and forth throughout the week, for a total of TEN times. The couple was simply trying to get every single penny possible out of us. It was very frustrating and we were sure it was going to fall through at any moment. Much to our surprise, they accepted our counter last Friday night. We are excited but remain very cautious. Considering the battle it took to make a deal with these people, we anticipate it falling through somewhere. The inspection is scheduled for Monday evening and we don't foresee many issues, as the house is brand new. The next step would be the appraisal and then closing on September 30th, if all goes well. The timing of this couldn't be better and we are hoping to no longer be home owners as of October 1st. It would be exactly what we need right now.

We went to the house last Sunday-Monday to start packing. We had planned to do so for weeks, long before an offer was even on the table. I figured it would be our luck to sell the house in late October..when I wont be in the kind of shape to help with anything. We wanted to get ahead and its ironic that we had a contract the day before! I basically packed the kitchen while we watched Sons of Anarchy, which is a great show, by the way! We got a lot done and enjoyed the peace and quite. Oh, I also exchanged some of "Hadley's" clothes we had there. So many stores are great about looking up the purchase on your debit card, if you don't have the receipt. I took back some outfits to Target, ended up with a $40 credit and decided to buy the changing table for Lion. I also brought home about 8 outfits that needed to be returned to Kohl's on my Moms card. We went late Sunday and exchanged everything pink for TONS of cute boy stuff. I have one blanket to exchange and then we are officially converted to BOY!

*Rehearsal/Wedding-After a busy week of beauty appointments and extra work, Friday finally arrived and we had the rehearsal. No one could believe we finally made it to wedding weekend! We made it short and sweet at the church. Everyone was so sweet, constantly asking me if I was okay on my feet and if I needed anything. Following the church, we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant. Tom and I did a Mexican theme for our rehearsal also, since we honeymoon-ed in Cancun! Michelle had these cute little cakes made for us. I never got a chance to eat mine, although, Brady was a fan. She also gave us a cute little package with essentials for Saturday..our necklace, gum, a tiny mirror. Everyone was so tired at the end of the night and couldn't wait to get home and get into bed!

Tyler must have spotted the guacamole!!

My sweet Braydon and Me

Our adorable cakes

Mama and Daddy

The wedding was...great, exhausting, beautiful, amazing, tiring, etc! My friend, Ally, came to my sisters to do our hair and makeup. She started Jeralyn's hair at 7:30 am! We had to leave the house by 10:30, to go to where everyone else was. Ally did a great job! I am fortunate to have a friend with her kind of skills. ;)
We drove to another bridesmaids house and helped everyone finish getting ready. We took some pictures and marveled at the absolutely perfect day we had! It was 75 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze. Ahh!! The photographer was awesome! She ooh-ed and ahh-ed at me when I walked in and said how she loves taking bump pictures. Just my luck! She also called me Mama all day when we were being instructed on what to do. I was one happy camper!
Anyway, we took the limo to the church and had a few minutes to relax before the ceremony. The ceremony was great and the perfect length. My fave part of a wedding is to look at a groom as the bride walks in. Jaime did not disappoint, he was a mix of stunned, happy and emotional. It was wonderful!
Following the ceremony, I had to assist Jeralyn with her dress so she could pump. Oh, the joys of a breastfeeding mother I have to look forward to. We had a bit of time before the reception, and everyone was starving. So, we did what any smart human would do and WENT TO MCDONALDS! Haha All 19 of us in our formal attire. We drove around in the limo for a bit. Everyone was drinking like crazy and having a great time. I sat and sipped my water, not feeling a pang of jealousy. What I have is much better than that..
We arrived at the reception location and took group pictures. After the photographer finished the bride and groom, she did some of just me and my bump. She said she would do more when Tommy arrived and kept her promise. I cant wait to see those pics!! And if I love them like I think I will, we will have her do our newborn portraits.
By this time its about 5 pm, the reception is starting and I was having my first ever Braxton Hicks contractions. I had been up and on my feet since 7 am! I was simply exhausted and wasn't sure how Id make it through the reception. I sat down with the family for about 40 minutes and drank tons of water. They went away and I made a point to take breaks throughout the night.
When they announced us, everyone did cute dances. I shimmied my belly as my groomsman boxed it. It was cute and hilarious!
After a delicious dinner, we simply danced the night away. You better believe my booty was on that dance floor with my husband. I LOVE to dance and danced through the pain in my calfs and being short of breath. It was so worth it. Tom and I had an amazing night..weddings make you realize how lucky you are to already be married.
I am so happy I was a part of another couples "history!"
Here are the very few pictures I took:
A beautiful flower girl

Me and my Mini

A breathtaking bride

Laney taking pictures in the
applying chapstick
I noticed how beautiful the sky looked during the reception and
dragged a friend outside to take a few pics for us!

My two boys

First dance, I LOVE the back of her dress

Michelle and Me


Next topics? Birthing class and Blogoversary. BUT, I am tired of writing and you're tired of reading. Tomorrow..


Laura said...

I love the pic of you guys and the sunset! So pretty!

Glad it was a great weekend for you - I love when me and my hub go to weddings too! So romantic! :)

Jess said...

YAYAYAYAYAY...praying it all works out and you guys sell the house! What perfect timing!

I love the pictures!

Tiffany said...

Glad to hear you are almost fully converted to blue. Great news on the house! Love the wedding pictures.

Molly said...

The pictures are great! Congrats on the house. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Natalie said...

Yay on selling the house! The picture of you and your hubby titled "my two boys" almost brought a tear! You looked beautiful in your dress. Hope you are having a great Friday!

Joy said...

I get BH when I don't drink enough either! Glad they went away with some water. And the wedding sounded so delightful! I can't wait to see what the photographer ended up doing.

Stephanie said...

Wow..lots of great updates!! Best of luck on the house!!
Love all the wedding all look great!!

Meant to be a mom said...

You look just beautiful in your dress. What a fun time you guys had, I love weddings also. So much fun. I'm glad your house may be sold. That's exciting, hopefully it doesn't fall through.
Good job on trading out all the girl stuff.

Stephanie said...

Love the pics of you guys!!!!! Hoping everything works out on the house...great news!

kim_brough said...

That's my fave part of a wedding, too!

twondra said...

I love the picture of you guys with the sky! So beautiful!!!!

Sounds like a great time at the wedding. :) So glad you had fun!!!