Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Thank you all so much for the feedback for my last post! The top runners for umbrella strollers are the Combi and Chicco. I will check them both out during our next trip to BRU!
I read every single circumcision comment and plan on having Tom do so this weekend. Many of you brought up the same points I have. I know it is a personal decision and I want us to be confident in our choice.

Tuesday we met with a doctor from our pediatricians practice. We really liked her! The practice has 6 doctors total; 3 men and 3 women. There is a good age range among the doctors. Its been open for over 20 years. They come see the baby each day we are in the hospital and then ask us to bring him in 2 days after we return home. The office has evening and Saturday hours. I liked the answers to all of our questions. We left there feeling really good about our choice. That is one major check of the list!

Also on Tuesday, we had our second birthing class and it was wonderful. We talked for about an hour and did some breathing techniques. Then, we toured the baby floor! The birthing rooms are great and very spacious. One suite has a birthing tub, that you are welcome to use if its available. You remain in your labor suite until about an hour post delivery and then are moved as a family to a Mother/Baby suite. These rooms are a bit smaller. We passed the nursery and got to oogle at some precious Peanuts.

I have been saying I don't want to get to specific about how I want things to go, because I know we have no control over it. But, if things by chance "go my way" here is what I have figured out based on the first two classes:
1. I do not want to be induced.
2. I would like to be able to walk around and use the tub(with Tom) while laboring.
3. I do not want an epidural.
4. I do not want an episiotomy. Id rather risk tearing.
5. I want the baby to be put on my chest and be able to nurse him as soon as possible.
6. I want all necessary assessments, baths, etc. to be performed in the room with us.
7. I want the baby in our room at all times. If he must leave, Daddy will go with.

I was planning on having just Tommy in the room with me. My mom and sister are very thrown off by this. I just feel like we should experience this alone after all we've been through. However, I think I'm open to them being there in the early stages of labor and as long as its just us when it comes to pushing, Ill be happy. I want Tom to be able to take breaks if he needs to, so that he is there 100% when I really need him. Also, after that sweet boy makes his appearance, I want it to be us, as a family of 3, until we are in the Mother/Baby suite. I know everyone will be anxious to get a glimpse at him, but that is an hour that we will never get back and I plan on relishing in it.

I went home from the class in the best mood. I cant wait to go through this experience with my best friend. And to think..we will be holding our baby at the end of it. I still cant believe it.

I had a routine OB appointment set up for today. The past few days I started noticing some changes and self-diagnosed myself having a yeast infection. I called the nurse and told her my symptoms and she suggested I come in yesterday, just to be safe. I ended up seeing a midwife, which was fine. I am measuring at 32, which is right on. His heartbeat was low again, he is the cliche boy! I had an exam and within 5 minutes, she told my I indeed do have a yeast infection. I got a prescription and cancelled my appointment for today. I also asked her about flu shots. She said to get one soon because they will have the H1N1 injection at the office in mid-October. The two need to be about a month apart, so I need to get the regular flu shot within the next week. I go back in 2 weeks for my 34 week appointment. I go weekly starting at 36 weeks.

I have my second shower on Saturday. It is being thrown by two girlfriends and should be a blast. I am planning on making a little speech..I hope I can get through it. If only I could find something to wear..!


beth ewing said...

sounds like a good birth plan to me. as someone that was induced i will say that makes your contractions super hard and fast. so if you don't want an epidural (which i see you do not) then stick to your guns on the no induction thing. also when induced, they hook you up to a bunch of stuff so then it's harder to move around, get in the tub, etc. just my warning that i wish someone had told me. but you're right to say that you never know how it will turn out. that's a great attitude to have and it will serve you well in delivery.

Angelwingsbaby said...

We have to take a tour of our birthing center yet and make tenative plans for our birth.I feel like we are a little behind on things but we have been so distracted with all this hurt an turmoil that we can't enjoy this as much as we wanted.I am glad things are going well for you!((HUGS))

The Gardella's said...

I loved the time spent right after birth. I did have family in the room while I was delivering, but after the baby came everyone left for about 30-40 minutes. At that time I began feeding and my hubby and I just sat and stared at our little man.

Stacey said...

Your birth plan sounds exactly like what I envision mine to be. Of course I'm not at that point yet (only 7 weeks) but I've thought about it a little and you have all of the same ideas I do. I think my mom may be a little disappointed not to be in the room but I think she will understand. Anyway, it sounds like things are going well for you. It's hard to beleive in only a few more weeks you'll have that adorable little man in your arms.

cairo said...

you had some awesome comments on your last post :)
i think you're a pretty smart girl for this being your first baby. i never realised how precious & fleeting that first hour is with my first... i think you are wise to plan on hoarding it with Tom. hehe. *and* - pushing (especially without an epi) can be a little intimidating with an audience. i really think it's a good idea to limit visitors at that time.
Yeh, things don't always go as planned, but it's so nice to have a plan to go off of instead of just allowing a ton of interventions to happen without thinking about the consequences. Good job!

Kalle said...

The only plan I went in with was the plan to be flexible. I knew that only Brendan would be in the room with me and that if the pain got really bad then I would be ok with an epi. Luckily for me it was all over with really quick and I didn't have time to worry about a plan.

Have fun at the shower.

Peppermint Patty said...

I found your comment about not wanting an episiotomy and you'd rather "tear." Make sure you talk to your doctor about this BEFORE.

I remember being in the delivery room getting ready for that one last push telling the doctor, "I really don't want cut." He gently and lovingly (seriously) explained that because I was delivering over an 8# baby, he was doing the episiotomy on me. I didn't disagree because I trusted him to make the best decision for me and the baby.

When my son was born, I cannot imagine how bad it would've hurt had I torn and not been cut. He was big and the shoulders passing through was HORRENDOUS (my epidural had already worn off).

At least my backside was numb from the episiotomy. :)

Just a thought!

PS I healed up wonderfully too! Advice from my sister, "Every time you go to the bathroom, squirt the warm water bottle "down there" and put a clean pad on. EVERY TIME!" I went through a whole lot of pad, but I healed up very quickly! :)

Jessica said...

I have the same wants as far as a birth plan goes. What kind of birthing class are you taking? Is it the hospital class or a Bradley class?

Stephanie said...

Depending on where you are and what the hospital has alot of times they don't do the baths in the room. Out of my four I've only had one that was able to stay in the room for everything. That one specific time we were in an LDRP room...we stayed in the same room from the time we went in the hospital until the day we left. Everything happened in that room and it was Heaven! I loved it...then when Allie was born we were in one that we were moved after she was born to a postpartum mother/baby room and of course they didn't have access to do baths in the room...I was really disappointed. I hope you are blessed to be able to see that because it's amazing also! Such an awesome day!

As far as having someone in the room you have to do what you are comfortable with and truly what you want. My mom was present for my first three with us but with Allie I wanted it to be just my husband and I. It hurt feelings but deep down it was what I wanted. That is a time you will never get back so make sure you do what you and Tom want most of all....everyone else will get over it :)

Young, Married, and Pregnant said...

Hey there...i've never commented but I wanted to just say that I totally stand by you on not having anyone come into the room for the first hour. I feel bad denying mine and his parents the ability to see their granddaughter right away, but like you I think it's a really special moment between mom, dad, and baby. Plus it gives you a chance to put yourself back together and nurse your b aby for the first time. Which I also feel is a special moment. You don't want people staring the whole time. Well at least I don't. Stick to your plan even though it will be hard and good luck!

cady said...

My birth plan is very similar to yours. Joe and I decided we don't want anyone else in the room when I actually have Lucy and that we want to be alone with just the three of us at first because we went through so much to get here. Luckily, my mom is very understanding. :)

Bri said...

yup, i wanted it to just be me and hubby for our birth too and it was amazing. i wouldn't change it. it is a special experience that the parents get to share. can't wait to hear all about your birth story!

Christen said...

I have experience with both an episiotomy and tearing, and I must say I prefer to tear!! I healed up so much faster with my second because I did not get an episiotomy! My first I did and I was so much more sore. Tearing is more natural and often times they will cut you more than you would tear anyway!

How fast did your moms labors go? They often say that you go like your mom. My mom had fast labors, and my labor with my second was 27 minutes!! Having a natural birth is so empowering and wonderful! Painful yes, but so great! You can do it!

cobyrom said...

The regular flu shot is fine to get. I would do your research on the swine flu shot... I have heard it is not well tested. I think you and Tom should just be VERY carful hand washing and staying away from those who are sick. They say to stay away from people who are coughing and sneezing.

Good Luck! I love your blog! I am 34 weeks having a little boy too!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Great birth plan :) Just leave room for flexibility but I'll be pray for a perfect delivery when the time comes. Sounds like you also found a great peds practice. Enjoy your shower. I'm sure you'll find another cute little m-dress to wear.

A.V.A said...

You are so brave not doing the epidural. I was not strong enough, LOL. I can't wait to hear your birth story.

A.V.A said...

Oh, and I had 3, 9lbs, babies and never tore or needed cutting. I will pass on my stretchy vibes to you!!! :-D

Sugar and Ice said...

I've given birth twice now, and I think having a plan in place is a good idea. Yes, the likelihood that it will all go exactly like you've planned is slim, BUT if you have no ideas on how you want it to go, then you'll end up letting other people make important decision for you, which isn't what you want in such an important situation.

My "plan" with my first was the get an epidural and everything would go smooth. Great plan, huh? I had watched my aunt give birth a few years prior, and she had an epidural and it all looked so easy that I figured why not just handle it the same way. Little did I know that I would end up with IUGR, have to be induced (which is not something I'd recommend unless in a position like I was in), which makes labor more intense...and then when I got my epidural...what I thought would be my saving didn't work! So, there I was with these intense contractions as a result of the pitocin with an epidural that didn't do anything but make my right leg numb. If I had planned for a natural birth when I was pregnant, I would have at least known some breathing techniques for pain management. My plan with my second deliver was to try hypno birthing, and if that didn't pan out, I was just going to do the Bradley method. In the end, I had two breech twins and ended up with an emergency c-section...but at least I had my plan in mind ;).

A couple more things...I did end up with an episiotomy with the first one...not bad, if you do end up having to have one, but mine was very minor. My sister in law didn't have one and she ended up with a 4th degree tear...but her baby was also in a weird position, so that was probably the cause. And lastly, having the baby room in is absolutely the way to go. I was lucky enough to have my singleton and my twins room in with me, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Cin said...

Hi Erin,

I am not going in to scary birth stories but I do want you to consider ALL the possibilities. I wanted the vaginal birth with an epidural and ended up with C-sections for all three of my kidlets!

Oh I would have given anything to have had that pushing experience.

I digress, what I wanted to share is what we did for our babies. Our first was an unplanned C-section and involved our whole family popping in and out while I was in labour, with husband being there for the actual birth. Second was a gift to my stepmum as she couldn't have children and I invited her and my husband in with the labor of second child, husband being the only one allowed in with the delivery.

The third was very special and was my fathers Christmas present, a personal invitation to be there in the delivery room when Conor made his appearance. It was a wonderful gift.

He lovingly told me, "Well, I've farrowed a lot of pigs, it should be interesting!" I felt that warm fuzzy glow LOL.