Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower

I had the most amazing shower Saturday. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to be, and somehow, it was better than I could have dreamed of. My best friend, Jamie and good friend, Elli threw it for me. It was my girlfriend shower. Of course, my Mom, Aunt Jean, sister and the kids tagged along, too. The weather was perfect. The amount of people was perfect. I was able to talk with everyone and not feel overwhelmed. I had a smile from ear to ear every minute. Other than the few minutes where I gave my speech..more on that later. :)

My friend, Jennie made the centerpieces. When she mentioned it weeks ago, I presumed they would be something like blue..flowers? Nope, I had the coolest centerpieces ever! Who needs a diaper cake when you can have..
... A diaper monster truck...

...A diaper motorcycle...

...A diaper airplane...

...And a diaper baby!?(Without a face, thanks to a curious Golden Retriever!)

I couldn't believe the detail put into each one. Every single item was something useful. Examples- a dishwasher basket, receiving blankets, toys, mattress pad, bottles, bibs, onesies, burp clothes and of course, diapers! It took me about an hour at the end of the night to take it all apart. It was such a special gift.

My friend, Meghan recently graduated from pastry school. She offered to make my cake. When we sat down to discuss what I wanted, I didn't have much..I said if it was blue themed, Id be happy. I called her about a week later and told her I seemed to be sticking with a giraffe theme, if she felt like including that. Well, she made a blue, giraffe cake! With chocolate cake and bananas..mmm!

Opening the gifts was wonderful but exhausting. Good thing I had Braydon and Delaney helping me! Bending over has become pretty difficult. We were given so much! Diapers, wipes, tons of clothes, full size swing, travel swing, diaper bag and changer, etc.

I REALLY wanted those, can you tell?

The perfect opportunity to make my little speech was after I opened the gifts. I grabbed it from my purse. I typed it because I wasn't sure if I would be able to get through it. Sure enough, 2 seconds in, the tears started flowing.

"I know its not the “norm” for one to make a speech at a baby shower, but this pregnancy and this baby are anything but the norm. Plus, we all know I like to talk, so I decided this was necessary.

For those of you who have known me since I was younger, you know I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I love children and always said I was put on this Earth to be a Mom.

When I met Tom over 4 years ago, I quickly realized he would be the perfect husband. I remember looking at him and thinking that I wanted this man to be the father of my children. When we decided we were ready to go from a couple to a family, we figured it would be easy. We all know my family is super fertile (pointed to sister), so why would we be any different?

Boy, were we wrong. Month after month passed, leaving us with the same feeling of defeat and sadness. It was difficult to live each day, carrying this burden around. There were many tear filled nights when we doubted we would ever make it to a baby shower..

Somehow, we made it through, here we are! And I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t go change a thing. Tom and I have never been in a better place as individuals and as a couple. We know we will be better parents and not take a single second for granted.

So, thank you for tagging along on this crazy ride. Thank you for your generosity today. And please, feel free to remind me of the past when I haven’t slept for 4 days. Tom may need a reminder of this too, about when our son is 15..if he’s anything like his Daddy!"

I tried to put in some funny points, so it didn't come off as sad. I was SO glad I said more than just thank you and was able to express my happiness and appreciation to everyone. I don't think there was a dry eye in the yard..

We played some fun games, too. The toilet paper game where they guess how big I am around. Ironically, Delaney was one of the closest. We played the diaper game where they melted candy bars and you had to guess which one it was. That was silly and fun. They had baby food to taste and guess..I believe only 2 were brave enough for that. We also played a guessing game. You had to fill out a guess for baby's name, birth date, weight, and height. The only hint we have given anyone for his name is that one of the initials is T. We wont say if its the first or middle name. No one guessed the correct name. Elli put all the cards in a cute book for me. It'll be fun to compare when he does make his arrival!

Tom came at the end to thank everyone and help load the gifts. We are very fortunate to have many loving people in our life. I couldn't have asked for a better day to honor our little man!

This photo sums up our friendship..

Brady lookin' like a Chippendale

The diaper cake queen, who came straight from work!

My photographer for the day

These are my friends from grade school. I've known them since kindergarten!

The hostesses!

Two showers down, one to go!


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I'm not surprised Delaney was the closest in guessing the size of your belly...she's always hugging your cute baby belly with a huge smile on her face in all the pictures you post :) I bet she's almost as excited as you are!

It looks like you got some great baby gear from your shower; you are one lucky mama!

Courtney said...

Those centerpieces are adorable!

Stephanie said...

Those cakes are sooo cool! She's so talented!!!

It's so cute how close you and Delaney are...I just love that!

Jenni said...

you look SO cute! I love your dress! I remember how uncomfortable those last few weeks are, but in these pics you can't tell! glad you had a special day! looking forward to the arrival of your little lion :)

Joy said...

That speech brought tears to MY eyes and I only started following your journey recently so I don't know all that you've been through.


You were incredibly blessed and I hope you'll be all set for little man!!!

Bailey said...

The centerpieces are amazing! I am hosting a (boy) baby shower in 5 weeks. Is there ANY WAY I could get some "plans" for how she made those?



**You look too cute in that dress!**

The Rileys said...

Loved the centerpieces! What an incredible idea!!!

Jessica said...

Wow, what an awesome shower and an awesome set of friends! Those diaper centerpieces were amazing! So glad you had such a wonderful shower.

Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great shower...I love the centerpieces!!

Jess said...

I agree with Stephanie! Delaney is always hugging your belly and looks so happy doing it!

Your friends did a wonderful job and your table decorations are so cute and clever!

Looks like you had a great time...I hope your next shower is just as great!


Molly said...

Those centerpieces are so cute and you, girl, look incredible! Great outfit choice!
I forgot to tell you that I sent your package! It should be there tomorrow or Friday, I think!

Meant to be a mom said...

adorable shower and pics with all your family and friends. You look fabulous.

I nominated you for a blog award. Come check out my blog for details.

LucieP said...

ooh you are so cute!!! I have never seen those diaper centerpieces before! That is so fun!

Mike and Katie said...

What a great shower! I love the cake and little center pieces!

Have you seen this story about the lady who gave birth after being implanted with another couples embryo? Can you imagine? I hope she is successful and is able to carry her own baby, too. What an amazing gift of life!