Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pregnancy Hype

**I feel like I need to add a disclaimer to this post. I know some women who are still TTC read my blog. This post contains a lot of pregnancy related material. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so skip it if you like. If not, I hope you absorb it and picture yourself in my shoes, one day very soon.**

Have you ever had something so "hyped up" that you had great expectations and were let down? A movie, for instance. I have been excited to see a recommended movie before and been disappointed. Perhaps the movie wasn't good or maybe I was expecting too much?

Pregnancy is something I wanted for 2 full years. I heard for others how amazing it was and wasn't sure if I was expecting too much..

Well, after 6.5 months of pregnancy, let me tell you, it is BETTER than anyone ever mentioned.
I am going to try to express how wonderful I feel being pregnant. I never want to forget this..

I love that I am the sole person providing for our sweet daughter. I am keeping her warm and safe and it makes me feel useful as a human being. I love knowing that the little person inside me is 50% Tom and 50% me.

I love dreaming about her life. I cant wait to see her gorgeous eyes..hear her giggle..watch her dance. I cant wait hold her in my arms and know that our love created this miracle.

Nothing can compare to feeling her move inside me. I cant remember what it was like to not feel those kicks and turns all day long.

I love knowing we are finally moving forward with our life. We are no longer at a standstill. We are becoming a family.

I have enjoyed planning for the future. Vacations, holidays, traditions..everything will feel complete with Hadley girl along for the ride.

To put it simply, life is better pregnant. That is my current motto. I want to be pregnant forever..good luck, Tommy boy!

I'll continue later..


Megan said...

Will I ever feel this way? I'm so grateful and thankful to be pregnant, yet I've been so sick I'm just miserable. I want to feel better so that I can cherish this precious miracle...though I know I feel incredibly blessed every day, even when hanging over the toilet.

This is a beautiful post, Erin - oh, and my friend? IVF #1 worked! I am so thrilled for her and her hubby!!! :)

Joy said...

So wonderful!

My absolute favorite is just watching and feeling her move about, trying to figure out which body part is brushing past my fingertips. ;-)

Sarah said...

Beautifully written, Erin!

beth ewing said...

i was so worried at the beginning that you were going to say you didn't like being pregnant. i LOVED being pregnant. i felt so healthy and alive and loved the kicks and everything. of course those of us that love pregnancy are the ones that have the most trouble getting there.

Mimi said...

Oh honey. I absolutely love that you love being pregnant. I, on the other hand, have had a really rough one. This will be my only pregnancy and I can't enjoy it. I need tips from you. :) Of course, the end result is going to be amazing for the both of us!!! Hugs!


Katie said...

Awww- thank you for making me tear up. I can't wait until I get to the same point that you are at.

Melissa said...

Ahhhh, yes...I loved being pregant as well. The only word for it is Amazing. The birth is amazing as well - I can't even describe the feelings you have when the baby you have prayed and longed for, for so long, is finally layed in your arms and your eyes meet their eyes for the first time.

Dawn said...

I didn't think I would ever be PG. Finally it happened and let me just say from experience that everyone should treat every pregnancy as if it's their last. I did relish the joy of carrying our daughter. I was very careful, watched what I ate, took pics of my belly, even had my girlfriends paint a pumpkin on my belly in October (I was due in December). And although I'm sad that we only had 1, I am so happy and blessed that I even got to experience it at all.

Dawn said...

Oh I also wanted to say I had a really good pregnancy. Of course that is always hard for other women to stomach when they had a rough one but I had no sickness. Nothing. Which was sometimes hard because I had to remind myself in the beginning that I was pregnant because I felt so good. Just heartburn in my 3rd trimester so TUMS were my friend.

Ashley said...

Awesome!! Beautifully written:)

Meant to be a mom said...

I KNOW RIGHT!!! seriously its such a beautiful blessing and miracle. I'm so happy to hear that you aren't taking it for granted. Its such a great thing to experience in life.
I don't want to be selfish but I can't wait to try ivf again in the future so I can experience more pregnancy and more children in my future. I'm so grateful for the one growing inside of me now but doesn't it just make you excited for the rest to come. Assuming God will give us more.

I love your post. I feel the same way and I think its beautiful that you feel that way. Keep enjoying, Soon your angel baby girl will be here in your arms leaving you with even more amazing memories.

Barefoot said...

I love this and I couldn't agree more. I suspect a lot of the joy I feel is related to how long I've wanted this, but fundamentally pregnancy is just so cool.

Stace said...

i felt exactly the same way. Now that I've had the boys I miss being pregnant more than anything.

sue said...