Monday, August 31, 2009

First Shower and OB

Phew, what a weekend!!

Friday I ran a ton of errands and could have crawled into bed to relax by about 4 pm. Instead, I had to hop in the shower and get ready! We planned on having our shower outside..a casual BBQ with bags and such. Unfortunately, it rained all week, including Friday. Luckily, my MIL recently did a ton of work to the house, so she was more than happy to throw it inside. It was very small, a few family members and friends. It was the perfect way to kick off celebrating Little Lion!
Cute side note here: My brother asked Delaney why she was dressed so nice. She said, "Because I'm going to Auntie Erin's bath party!" Ahh, I love her.
Anyway, we had good food, great company and wonderful gifts. Since its easier to list, we got:
*Stroller/car seat system
*Money to buy mattress
*Bedding set(I ordered it for my Mom because she doesn't believe in Internet shopping)
*Burp cloths
*Bears outfit we really wanted
*Bath towel
*Baby Einstein play mat
*Spoons/Dirty diaper baggies
*A special Bear lovey

This was TOO cute. Kayla gave our Lion this Bear lovey. When I opened it, she screamed, ran over and swiped it to cuddled it with her Bunny lovey!!

Tyler, wondering if he can borrow the play mat for the next
2 months...?
I cant express how lucky this little guy is to have so many loving people in his life. I look forward to the day he is old enough and I can tell him how loved he was LONG before he was born.

Tom and his twin, Jennifer

The Grandmas!

Daddy and Mama

We got home pretty late and I didn't get much sleep. Saturday, I did some shopping with my friend, Christina and her daughter, Madison. I am trying to find something nice to wear for my next shower, but didn't have any luck.
We had a 5 year olds birthday party in the afternoon. That was nice, since we hadn't seen these friends since February. To finish the evening, we had a 27th Golden birthday party. It was basically a drunk fest, but everyone loved on the pregnant girl! We didn't get home until 2 am..much too late.
Stef and Me

Some of my fave girlies..

I slept horribly again, even though I was drained. Yesterday, I baked a bunch and organized like crazy. We ran to a few stores before Tom had to work security.
It was such a hectic weekend and I predict there will be many more of these. This week is nuts, as the wedding I am standing up in is on Saturday. I hope I can stand in heels for hours..

I had my 30 week OB appointment tonight. The doctor came in and asked how I was doing and how baby was doing. We told her about our sex change surprise and she said, "Lets check that out!" Me, turn down an ultrasound? NEVER!

Sure enough, he is a little boy. And...he is head down!! Apparently, I just needed to express my concern and he took care of it! She said he is measuring perfect and weighs 3 lb. 4 oz. She predicts a 7.5 lb. baby. I will take it! She was a little concerned about how often I am taking my inhaler. She gave me a prescription for a different kind. This one, I will take once daily, rather than as needed. She said it should stop me needing the rescue inhaler. I pick it up tomorrow. I go back in a little over 2 weeks.


Joy said...

So much fun!!! You guys got a lot of great stuff and you look incredible. Those little girls at your party are so cute!

Staci said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. You're right though, the last few before baby comes are going to be crazy! No matter how ready I alwasy thought I was I was alwasy remembering something I had forgotten and started scrambling. I'm sure it won't be any different this time around either. Of course this time I am due 5 days before Christmas so I have to get on the ball with Christmas shopping :)

williamson family said...

First of all.. I love the dress that you wore to your shower. So super cute! Second.. you guys got some great things for Mr. Lion. Very much needed items and some pricey ones too.

I'm glad that the Dr. was willing to verify little Lion's parts just to be sure. I'm actually VERY excited that he's a boy. I think that suits you guys!

As much as I wanted a girl in the beginning I couldn't imagine if my. Kyah was born a girl. My mind set has changed so much and I couldn't picture my life without this little man. (I love how God works).

The Patterson's said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend!! Glad your appointment went well and baby is head down!

LucieP said...

love the dress you're wearing!!
so happy that Lion turned for you!
Its so fun to see the blue...
Was your dr the same one that told you baby was a girl?!

Jess said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekened and a beautiful shower (you got some wonderful gifts)! I love your niece and nephews...they are adorable!

You guys look so cute (I love the dress) in your pictures...especially of the one of Tom kissing your bellly, priceless!

Ashley said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!! Love your usual;)

twondra said...

Looks like such a nice shower! Looks like you got a lot of neat stuff. :) And yay on getting another u/s. :)

Meant to be a mom said...

First of all I'm so glad you had a great shower. We got that baby einstien play mat as well. It looks really cute.
You look FABULOUS, That dress is gorgeous on you.
Also i'm so glad your appt went well. Your baby seems like he's just moving right along. It'll be here before you know it.

Molly said...

Seems like things are going great!
You look amazing in that dress! You are a beautiful pregnant woman.