Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I called the pediatricians office recommended by a friend and my OB, and made a "getting to know you" appointment for mid-September. I wanted to verify they took our insurance and were accepting new patients. The office has evening hours, which are convenient since we both work during the day. Other than that, I am going to see if we like what the doctor has to say at the appointment. Any suggestions on questions we should ask?

I never heard anything back from my appointment last week. I was told if I hadn't, I was in the clear. No gestational diabetes for me!

I have been having sharp, shooting pains in my crotch recently. It happens a few times a day. I have to stop moving for a minute, let it pass, and then feel fine. My sister says its just another way the body is getting ready for the marathon of labor. I will mention it at my next appointment, to be sure.

I am out of breath constantly. I use my inhaler about once a day.
My nose always needs to be blown. Usually theres blood in it. Ick.

The newest movement is what I call gliding across my belly. Rather than a quick kick, Ill feel her body move along the inside and follow it with my fingers. I have so much fun guessing what the part is.

Speaking of movement, Tom and I joke about what she is doing in there. We often picture her with a hard hat and flashlight, trying to find her way out. Or leaning as far back as she can and throwing herself forward. Ahh, the free entertainment pregnancy provides.

We have been taking long walks a few nights a week. The exercise is wonderful for all of us, doggies included.

After speaking with a fellow blogger, I think I have realized why I'm sensitive about the pregnancy weight. Before getting pregnant, I was not at my ideal weight. The stress and medication used for IF treatments made me up on some weight, and I wasn't feeling great about myself then. I am very anxious to get back in my pre-infertility weight. I told Tom he is going to have to keep me motivated and eat healthy with me. He has happily agreed.

I called to get some info about our frozen embryos. I was never told anything more than we had 4. It looks like we have 2-1BB's together and 2-2BB's together. All 4 are day 5 blasts. She said they do not freeze anything that wouldn't achieve a pregnancy. They have a 96% survival rate for them thawing. She said our chances would be great, knowing the results from our first IVF.
I really cant stop thinking about getting pregnant again. In a perfect world, we would get pregnant in Sept. 2010, when Hadley is almost a year old. We would be due in June and get our summer baby. I plan on breastfeeding until her 1st birthday. I can not have a FET performed while breastfeeding. So, my choices are to wait longer to try a FET or to wean her early. I feel like I am depriving her if I wean her before a year. That's not very fair. On top of it all, there's always a chance the FET couldnt work. We are fortunate that our first IVF did. FET's success rates are a little lower. Theres always that chance..that I do not want to even think about.

Then again, we could get the surprise of a lifetime and get pregnant naturally. Its always in the back of my mind...but, the chances of that are slim. I know, I know. Stop stressing about baby #2 and enjoy baby #1. I promise, I am not stressing..just thinking, planning and configuring. :)

In non-baby related news, Toms oral interview with the county is tomorrow. I know he will do great, but could you send some positive thoughts his way? Thanks!


Stephanie said...

Those pains in your crotch right now are the muscles and tendons loosening up preparing you for childbirth. Your body is releasing chemicals to ready your body and you're feeling it majorly!!!! I always hated those pains!!!! I'd have to completely stop what I was doing just like you are!

Thinking of Tom tomorrow...I know he'll do great!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I get those pains too and they are awful.It feels like you are being stabbed with a fork internally.They almost bring me to my knees and take my breath away.I usually freeze afraid to move until they pass or at the very least find a close place to sit right away.They are awful and I was gonna ask my doc about them too next time I go in.

truelifeofjess said...

Not to be gross but as you get closer to your due date you will feel those pains in your bottom area. They are awful too!!

my husband is hoping to be a cop to so I understand the stress you are feeling. We are waiting to hear from the Dallas PD about a job. Talk about a long wait he has been waiting in Background since mid June. Big Pain. I am praying

Staci said...

I am having the same pains in the same area but mine are caused by...vericose veins! I got them during my last pregnancy but it wasn't until about 30 or so weeks. This time they showed up at about 10 weeks (I'm at 21 weeks right now).

You can go to...

and/or...,,42rt,00.html see some good questions you could ask your pediatrician. Even though the doctor came recommended, you may have differing opinions and you want to feel comfortable with your choice.

As far as weaning Hadley before 1 year...I had planned to nurse my first born for 9 months to a year. However, when I went back to work (and pumped my little heart out) when he was 3 months old, he decided that the bottle was easier than nursing and gave up on me. He weaned himself at 3 1/2 months and I was devastated! My pediatrician was actually the one to reassure me that I had given him a good start and not to be worried.

Best of luck to Tom! Sorry this was so long!

prettybyrdie said...

My Father in law is an OB, he said when I got those shooting pains (for me it's always when I'm standing or sitting up) it might be the baby either kicking down or the head might be putting pressure on my cervix. I was in the shower and they were so bad I had to get out and lie down with shampoo in my hair until they went away!

April said...

The breastfeeding is going to help you lose those pounds, especially since you will be doing it for a while!

Kelly said...

Hey erin...would you want to do a baby blog swap? Email me at

MOBACH'S said...

i feel you about those pains!! i had them really bad for baby number 3 ( he is three weeks old now!) and still have lingering moments.... i guess now its my body going "back to normal"!! i found that for sleeping a pillow between my legs helped a lot... that might help relieve some pain during the day if you do that at night?? i also occasionally if it was really bad used a heating pad ( the ones that you put in the microwave) that was just warm ( not hot) and it helped relieve some pain too.. my dr. said since it wasn't on my stomach and over the baby that the heat was good to use... again.. just a suggestion!

Jamie said...

I have a similar pain I think but it runs a little down my inner thigh as well. Not sure if that is case for you. It is worse when I am standing up. My midwife said that it is a pinched nerve from the baby sitting in a awkward position...

Joy said...

Sometimes our plans don't always turn out the way we hope. You may find BFing to not be something you even want to continue for a year. Then again, you may! Just take it as it comes.

That's awesome your ped office has evening hours!

I would ask the pediatrician vague questions so they'd have to give you their own personal opinion. Ask them, "How do you feel about vaccinations? Do you have an extended or delayed vaccine schedule?"

I would also ask what their specific specialty is or what they really enjoy about pediatrics. For example, my pediatrician is really into homeopathic remedies before relying on prescription medication.

Also, really get a feel for how they treat you at the interview. Do they listen? Are they distant and short? Are they easy to joke with and talk to?

If I think of more questions, or find a link, I'll send it to you.

Joy said...

Here's a good one:

The Beaver Bunch said...

What does FET mean?

Ah! Shooting pains, hips feeling like they are popping outta socket, trembly knees as you attempt to hold them together while wearing a dress...all the joys of pregnancy. Enjoy it!

Peppermint Patty said...

Sweetie, can I just tell you that all your upcoming planning (Baby #2, breastfeeding until a certain age, etc) will probably all go out the window, so make sure you aren't disappointed.

As you know, our bodies sometimes have minds of their owns and as far as kids are concerned, they FOR SURE have minds of their own. :)

Angela said...

You may fall so in love with bfding that you can't bear to give it up early. Or she may self wean early. Can't wait to "meet" little sweetie.

Meant to be a mom said...

Meeting with the pedi is exciting. Its all going to be happening soon.
We had a list of questions printed out and he answered all of them for us. All the way from do you have a nurse practioner, to who calls when we have any issues we need help on. We went over what seemed like 800 different things.
If you need a list like the one we used let me know. I would be happy to send it your way. Most of the questions were answered on the pedi's website. That was really nice.

I hope your pains go away. And I totally know what you mean about the stuffy nose and constant loss of breath, I have the same problem.
Also my hubby and I always talk about the "next" time we try to get pregnant. All the anxiety from IVF #1 is still there at the very thought of doing it all over again. I'm terrified so we always finish our convo with "Lets worry about that when it comes time". But I want you to know that I too think of that allot.

Good luck to Tom tomorrow.

Lianna Knight said...

Came across your blog and wanted to leave a comment!

My hubby and I are going through an IUI this month with clomid...long story, 2 IUI's, 2 IVF's, surgery, and now another IUI.

Praying that our infertility journey ends like yours...CONGRATS on the pregnancy and praying for a healthy little girl :)

Beth said...

Don't worry about your weight! You look GREAT! And believe me, the baby weight comes off when you are breastfeeding!

Cin said...

Hi Erin,

I'm a bit of a lurker, have been for a while and have been quietly celebrating your highs with you.

I just wanted to say, please don't stress about breastfeeding. Where your child gets it nutrition from does not make any difference. Its how you love her, cherish her, bring her up. Its the wisdom you bestow, the broken hearts you heal and the smiles you give her.

I can say that after formula feeding all three of my kids.


Jess said...

I love how honest you are...I'dm the same way as you! I'll be doing something and thinking about what I'm going to do tomorrow. TRY to enjoy just being pregnant and having number 1 before you start planing on number 2! BUT I do hear the best chances you have of conceiving naturally is after you give birth to Hadley. I read somewhere that your body is very fertile after having a baby.

P.S. I loved reading your previous post. I love that you LOVE being pregnant! I hate listening to pregnant woman complain because it is something I want so bad and listening to them bitch about pregnancy just irritates me!

Good Luck Tom!

Susan Sene said...

I've had the sharp pains in the crotch too - doc said it was everything stretching and perhaps hurt more when she bumped up against my pelvis or something else.