Saturday, August 8, 2009

27 Weeks

Pictures? Were taken after spending roughly 5 hours in 95 degree heat at a bridal shower..sheesh!
How far along? 27 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 10 lbs. and feeling a little sensitive about it
Maternity clothes? Wore most of my new stuff this week
Sleep: Dare I say its a tad better? Still not good, but I'm a little more rested this week
Best moment this week: Hearing her HB at the docs. I miss having that doppler!
Movement: Yep, yep. Lots of friends/family had the chance to feel it this week
Food cravings: Cold Stone birthday cake remix, although that was a frequent craving before pregnancy..
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: None here
Belly Button in or out? Same as before, sometimes in, sometimes out
What I miss: Wearing a mini skirt and tank to a country concert :)
What I am looking forward to: My maternity massage today
Weekly Wisdom: Time flies while you're pregnant, soak in every second.
Milestones: Some say its the third trimester..

Tyler has some big ideas of what he will do with Hadley when she joins us in November..


Megan said...

I know it's impossible not to...but from one preggo to another...don't worry about the weight. It's very healthy for your little one! I'm 14 weeks and up some pounds, too, and it's a little odd stepping on that scale. Try not to worry!

I tried to rent a doppler, but they're requesting my doc's signature and she refuses to sign off on it. I'm bummed - I can't feel baby move yet, so this is a bit of a stressful time. Did your doc sign the release with no problem?

Mandy said...

Do not worry about the weight. I put on 15lbs my first trimester!! I am tiny and put on 35lbs the whole pregnancy, and was miserable about it. But after only 3 months I lost all my weight. So hang in there now, and I'm sure it will all drop off again!

Joy said...

I've gained double what you have thus far and I started off overweight. It's hard to rein in the negative feelings about your body image. But know that your little girl is growing and thriving! AND... the weight CAN come off after she's born. *HUGS*

And yup, third trimester!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

Jess said...

Girl, you look beautiful and your growing a healthy baby girl...don't worry about the weight gain! :) This pregnancy is flying by...I can't believe your almost at the 3rd trimester!

The house looks great, I love it and hopes it sells.

Maddy said...

you look greaT!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

You look just beautiful. Glad your sleep is getting slightly better.
I agree that you should totally not worry about the weight at all. Some women gain nearly nothing and others gain what seems like a ton but they are healthy and the doc doesn't seem to worry. I fall in that second group. I'm up 26 lbs and still have 7 weeks to go until my due date. You look great and if the doc says the baby is good and healthy than don't you worry.

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

You look beautiful Erin! You just look like you're loving every minute of being pregnant.

Ashley said...

You look great Erin..try not to worry about the weight. You are growing a beautiful healthy baby girl!!

bhgrove said...
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twondra said...

You're so cute! :)