Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Ramblings

I have been feeling great since we returned from Florida. I am going to presume the travel had major influence on my health and will be staying on land until after baby's birth..

I have been super clumsy and forgetful the past 2 weeks. Its driving me nuts! Ive heard of this problem with pregnancy, but I thought it was just a joke..I have scrapes and bruises to prove its affect on me. One day I slammed my elbow while closing the trunk. Today I hit myself in the head with the microwave door. I am constantly loosing my train of thought while talking. I left my $600 necklace on the nightstand in Florida. I am usually so put together, so this is really odd for me!

I have not been sleeping well. I am super comfy in the bed, but sleep very lightly and have tons of dreams that wake me up. I cant remember the last time I felt rested. I think its her way of preparing me for whats coming in 4 months!

Speaking of 4 months, uhm, really? I cant believe there are only 4 months until we have this baby. That is simply crazy.

I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" we need to get done before her arrival. I need to schedule the 3D ultrasound, continue registering, visit the church we may have her baptism at, find a maternity photographer, catch up on the pregnancy scrapbook, find a pediatrician, etc. Lets be honest, I know I'm forgetting a lot here. I am thankful to have these items on my to-do list!!

Ill leave you with the very few pictures of our Babymoon..

Sleeping at the hospital

After they told me I could go home!

Hydratin' that baby

22 Weeks Pregnant

I HAD to document this day. For the first time in our life together, Tom had a sunburn and I did not. Shocker!

Pinky Doo

Poor (dumb) Baby!

Trying to catch up on sleep

4th of July

Our joke of a rental car, that they charged us $84 extra because we're "underage"

Hadley's LAST flight in utero


Meant to be a mom said...

I love the name Hadley, My good friend has a baby girl name Hadley and I just love it! Good choice.
You look just beautiful, Your bump is so cute.
I'm glad your hydrated. I keep having that problem too.
And as far as the clumsy's goes, get used to it. I feel like it only gets worse and the forgettfulness and the constant dumb blonde loss of what you were saying in the middle of a sentance. Its all true, it totally happens. Enjoy, we will all be looking back on these times and laughing when we are telling our kids about how we were when we were pregnant with them.

Amber said...

Love the name you have chosen just beautiful:) You look great and just glowing with your little bump:)

Joy said...

Oh I'm so forgetful, too!

I just made some baked potatoes and turned off the oven (forgetting to take them out) and LEFT THEM IN THE OVEN overnight. I found them the next morning. Ugh!

Bri said...

Oh and the mommy brain is worse than the pregnant brain if you can imagine! :o)

Caragh said...

You are glowing as always.
Your going to have such a beautiful little baby girl.
Your joke of a rental car, is my actual car!!! hehe.
Yeh I hate being under 25.. I can't even get a rental car because I am too young!!!

Have a great weekend.

Stephanie said...

I love those pictures of the two of cute!

twondra said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like you guys really had a great time!

So, what happens if I'm really clumsy and forgetful now and I'm not pregnant? Yikes! :)

Ashley said...

Glad you are feeling better! I love the are looking GREAT!!

Jess said...

You received an award from me, check out my blog! :)