Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finishing Up

Continuing on..

I walked out of the hospital, still scared to death. Every little movement in my body was analyzed..I couldn't tell what was her moving and what was a contraction while in the hospital, how was I supposed to do so out of the hospital?

I couldn't wait to shower and relax all day. Of course, I was drinking water like it was my job, the entire time. Tom was taking really good care of me and making sure I had fluid at all times. We went to a mall later in the evening, to get out of the heat. Tom insisted I ride in a wheel chair, so I wouldn't over do it. He said I just looked like a lazy pregnant woman. Oh well, Ill do anything to keep this girl safe.

Saturday we spent by the pool again. We couldn't believe we were leaving the next day. We went to dinner at Johns Pass that night and walked around a bit. I had the same pain on the way to eat, so it doesn't always correspond with food. We returned to the condo just in time for fireworks. You could see about 15 different displays! There were two that were close, the rest were scattered. It was really neat.

Sunday, we clean and packed and hopped in the pool before we left. I didn't sleep much as I was worried about the flight. All of a sudden, we were in the car, driving back to the rental place. How quickly those few days went by! We had a row to ourselves again on the return flight and watched CSI episodes to keep my mind off my moving tummy. The flight was super bumpy; luckily I only had to get up for the bathroom once.

I was relieved to be on land in Chicago, knowing that was her last flight in utero. Ahhhhh!!

In reality, our trip accomplished what we wanted-Tom taking the police exam. I am really upset we missed our photo shoot. I'm sad we spent the whole time worrying. I wish we could have spent 4 blissful days dreaming of our baby girl and our fast approaching life.

That being said, I am so thankful all is well for now. Thank you for your prayers! I go to see my doctor tonight and am anxious for her to tell me that Peanut will continue to cook for 15 more weeks! We are so not ready for her arrival!


Erin Crista said...

I'm glad everything is okay - I was worried! Sorry your trip wasn't restful.

Take Care,
Erin Crista

Stephanie said...

So happy you are home safe! Can't wait to hear what doctor says....crossing my fingers and praying everything stays okay!

riddle me that said...

I'm so sorry that the pictures didn't work out! I spent all weekend going maybe (insert blank) could go and take some, everyone just seemed to be out of town. I was all for sending my mom with her point and shoot. Sorry your trip was spent worrying and that you had to see SPGH on the inside. Hope your appointment goes well today.

Megan said...

So glad you're okay! Take it easy and rest. Hang in there!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I can only imagine how scary this has been for you...still praying peanut keeps cooking for another 15 weeks.

Glad to hear you are ok :-)

Meant to be a mom said...

Thank goodness everything is ok. I'll keep praying for you guys.
It seems like the second we get pregnant we are parents and trips and restful times and all those things we used to have go away for temporary. We revolve around our little angel babies even before they are out of us and in this world.
Getting us ready for parenthood I guess.

courtney said...

Welcome home and I'm hoping all will be well!

Suzanne said...

Please keep us posted on what your doctor says. You gave us quite a scare! I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm sure everything is going to be fine!

Waiting said...

Congrats on your pregnacy and that all is well! I like happy stories!