Sunday, July 12, 2009

23 Weeks

How far along? 23 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 5 lbs.-seem to be gaining a lb. a week
Maternity clothes? Thank God for the ones I borrowed, I havent had to buy much of anything
Sleep: Horrible! :(
Best moment this week: Doctors visit
Movement: Allll day, every day
Food cravings: French toast
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: No no, no
Belly Button in or out? Almost flat
What I miss: My memory
What I am looking forward to: Next weekend. Cottage, wedding and viability :)
Weekly Wisdom: The to-do list may be overwhelming; we can handle it!
Milestones: Seeing kicks from the outside!!


The Ashes said...

I've heard that memory thing called "Pregnancy brain"

Jess said...

YES! Thank God, Hadley is almost viable! I love the word viabile...can't wait for you to get there-I pray that you will never need it though!

Mush said...

Mash potato brain. It doesn't get any better after either! I just laugh at myself.

Your looking great and I love all the dresses you wear.

Glad your feeling better and I can't believe how quickly the weeks are ticking by.

Kelly said...

Erin, you are looking great! Don't worry about the memory, mine is gone too, silly pregnancy stuff!

Meant to be a mom said...

congrats on your 23 weeks. You look so pretty with your baby bump. I hope your sleep gets better.

The Patterson's said... look great!! Don't worry about all there is to do, it will get done. Viability - how exciting!

Ashley said...

You look great! I love, love, love, all your dresses!! I need to find some like that!

Bryce and Erin Williamson said...

How funny... I was totally craving French Toast last night too. It was so yummy and hit the spot perfectly! Gotta love being pregnant!

Stephanie said...

I craved french toast when I was pregnant with Caleb...ate ate and ate it all the time....6 slices at a time :) Okay well maybe I shouldn't have admitted that one but it was the pregnancy!!!!

Stephanie said...

Your belly is getting so big (but in a cute, good way!)
You look beautiful girl!!!

Mrs. Hammer said...

You are so cute! It must be amazing to see her little kicks.

LucieP said...

oh the memory...I think I've finally decided not to try to remember--especially when I'm trying to talk and have a vocabulary outside of sight then I just let people inject their own word for my missing one!

You are looking so great and cute!

Erin said...

Cute pictures, came across your blog and thought I would comment :) Hope your pregnancy is going great!! memory loss is not fun!! :)