Thursday, June 11, 2009

Milestone and Products

Peanut-Last night, Daddy felt you moving around for the very first time! He was beaming as held his hand still, waiting for you to make your presence known. It was our first special moment as a family of 3. We have a lifetime of special moments ahead of us. I know each one will be better than the last.

I have loved every second of providing for you and having you all to myself. But, I know that when I see you in your Daddy's arms, my heart will be whole.

I love you and I cant wait to see how much you've grown.


I have been obsessed with choosing baby products lately. I am simply ecstatic that we are looking for our baby. Having worked with children for years, I know exactly what I want.
For the stroller, I wanted a big basket, cup holders and a good price. I don't want to splurge on a pricey single stroller because if all goes well, we will need a double stroller shortly after Peanut arrives. I have looked at a few stores, browsed online and researched in our Baby Bargains book. I found the perfect stroller and I am in love with it. It has the highest rating, is neutral, has cup holders and one of the biggest baskets I have ever seen! Plus, its way cheaper than expected. It is the Graco Stylus travel system, meaning it comes with the matching infant carrier.

We are also going to purchase the Snap and Go. It will be convenient for quick trips and tight spaces, such as the mall. It also has a big basket and cup holders. Woo-hoo!

For the convertible car seat, we are going to go with the Britax Roundabout. I am smitten over the Cow print.

Looking at the pictures..that's a lot of black! I will be sure to add color when we find out if were going pink or blue.


Tom and I have decided how we want to spend the evening after we have our ultrasound. It is scheduled for 4 pm next Friday. Afterward, we are going to the mall and each choosing one outfit. Then, we will have dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We told our friends we were expecting at dinner there; it seems appropriate to celebrate there again. Some friends know we are finding out on the 19th and our families think its the following week. We will not be sharing the news on Friday, as we want it to be our secret for one day. *I'm not sure where I stand as far as posting here..I may spill the beans Friday* We are going to tell his family, Mom and Dad require two trips, on Saturday and tell my family on Sunday. It is a weekend I have been dreaming of for years, I am so thankful.


Apparently we are going to be spending 4th of July weekend out of state..? Plans are still being finalized, but there is a good chance it will work out. Any guesses on where were going?


Ashley said...

So exciting!! I can't wait to know!!! Love the travel system. Are you going to buy it or wait to see if you get it at your shower?? ((HUGS)

Joy said...

I LOVE everything you have picked out. And it's perfectly cool that it is all black because then whatever colors you add to it will just pop out all the more!

Mel said...

Just had to stop-in and say that we purchased the Graco Stylus travel system and couldn't be happier with it. The stroller is super easy to assemble and the car seat is lightweight and very gender neutral. Good choice! :)

Dave and Elaine said...

I have the Snap n Go and LOVE it!

twondra said...

Wow! So exciting!

Sue said...

Can't wait to find out!!!! But whenever you tell us, you tell us. So excited for you to find out AND tell your fam! Yay!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love all the GEAR you chose.
I just posted the last Disney post....
Hope you will enjoy it.
Stop by when you have some time.
I love all my new blog friends.

Stephanie said...

I am so excited for you guys!! I cant wait to hear!
Its good that you picked nuetral colors for those main never know what the rest of the babies will be in the future!! :)

Jess said...

Such exciting stuff! I love the letter you wrote to peanut and the products you picked out!

I can't wait to find out what you are having! :)

☆ Loren ☆ said...

Hot springs Arkansas? haha! That is where I am going for my 4th of July Vacation... Oh how I wish you were there and I could love on that baby belly in person! ;) A girl can dream right?!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome thing for Daddy to feel baby move! Awesome! Love everything you've picked out..that's always so much fun. Can't wait to find out what you're excited!

Kriss said...

On your infant carrier I would recommend getting a second base for Tom's car. We had two bases and it made life so much easier!!!!

Bryce and Erin Williamson said...

How fun! I l LOVE the items that you chose (especially the cow print..SO CUTE). Everything is going to be great for either gender!!!

AND, I am SO happy to hear that your hubby was able to feel the baby move. It's the most amazing bonding experience ever!

Meant to be a mom said...

Thats so exciting that daddy got to feel the baby move. Such a special experience and you can't ever seem to get bored of just sitting there in silence holding your hands on your belly and your hubby are there too and your both just waiting for a bump!! I love it!
The stroller, snap and go and carseat are adorable.
Good choices.

Have fun on your trip wherever you are going???

Momma and Her Doodle said...


One thing I could not live without was two car bases. This made life much easier for weekends and daily errands. Car bases are not much money but so very worth it.

Also I did not plan it but I ended up needing a c-section and the carseat was to much for me to handle when Nick was a newborn baby. I used a sling and loved using it until he outgew it ( we gots lots of use out of this)..Since you work with kids I recommend the sling so you can have the baby close to you and be hands free (mostly).

Also the Britax car seat, AWESOME we have two Britax Marathons and although they are pricey they are well constructed, the straps do not tangle and it's just super comfy for Nick... I HIGHLY recommend the BRITAX brand!!!

Happy shopping!