Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching Up

Picture: Coming tomorrow!
How far along? 21 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 3 lbs. since becoming pregnant
Maternity clothes? Wore a lot of comfy non-maternity this week
Sleep: Got a new pillow=sleeping great!
Best moment this week: Hearing all the congrats on our girl
Movement: She is always on the right side, Tom thinks she will be right handed
Food cravings: usual
Gender: A beautiful little princess
Labor Signs: Nope..not ready for that
Belly Button in or out? Slowly becoming less of an innie
What I miss: Holding Tyler in the Baby Bjorn..hehe
What I am looking forward to: Hospital tour tomorrow
Weekly Wisdom: There is a lot to get done, but it WILL be done..don't stress!
Milestones: Baby is size of a banana..I LOVE bananas

So, I left off with Fathers Day. It was a super relaxing day spent at the beach and on the boat. I reveled in watching Tom hang out with my niece and nephews. I could go on and on about how he is going to be the best Daddy..but I don't need to. It goes without saying. He is an amazing man, husband and soon to be father. Peanut already has power over this man. :)
Digging a hole for Tyler

He's not too sure of this..

Who needs a Bumbo seat when you have sand?

Burying the kiddos

Delaney and Braydon

To explain that last picture...Mikey isn't fond of the water and was putting up a fight about tubing. We talked him into it under the condition that I went with him. I told him they couldn't go fast with me on it, so he would be safe. We were pulled at idle speed for about 5 minutes. He was hilarious on the tube..talking about how he was facing his fears. Then, he wanted to go faster. No such luck with a pregnant girl!
We also had a cake for Mikey's bday. His big party is actually today.
10 years old, breaks my heart

Happy Fathers Day!
For Fathers Day, I got him and baby matching White Sox shirts. We cant wait to take her to a game next Spring. Also, he got a golf set to share his passion with his child. Lastly, I bought him the Willow Tree figure named New Dad. Okay, that gift was more for display with my Pregnant one..but he appreciated it.
I am trying to get a million things done before we leave for Florida. We did find a photographer and I'm super excited for her to take our pics. Only 5 days until we leave!!
Now for a little show and tell. The first pic is her Thanksgiving outfit. Mama is a big fan of pink and brown! Now, I need to find her a special dress to wear to a wedding the weekend before. The second picture is her first blanket from me. I make one for each niece/nephew. They are wonderful for winter in Chicago. We will use it to place over her car seat. I was determined to find those two patterns..the zebra took calling about 6 stores. I sat my butt on the floor Wednesday night for 2 hours straight to complete it. I cant wait to wrap her up tight!

I hope everyone enjoys their last June weekend..can you believe its over?


Bri said...

LOVE the blanket!!!!

cady said...

love the white sox onesie! we bought our little girl a braves onesie when we first found out we were pregnant. :)

Ashley said...


Happily Married said...

I make a blanket for each niece & nephew too! I can't wait to start making them for our own LO once we know what we're having! Your blanket for your little girl is REALLY cute! LOVE the zebra print!

Jess said...

It is all so for little girls is the best! I bought my niece the cutest preemie outfit and it is brown, pink and has polka dots! :)

Have a great trip! I'm loving your state and wish we could live here! I'm a huge cubbies fan, so love the cake!

Joy said...

You did great on the blanket! I crocheted a baby blanket for this little one, too. My sister loves to make those fleece tie blankets as gifts, too. I've never tried to make them!

And how much fun was the beach?! Seriously, looked like a FABULOUS TIME!!!

Sue said...

Wonderful stuff!! I love the blanket and Thanksgiving outfit. Great pics of the kids & Tom too. Have a great time in FL :)

Meant to be a mom said...

The blankets adorable and so is the outfit. So excited for you guys...

twondra said...

Love the blanket! And love the matching White Sox onesie and shirt. :) Too cute!

LucieP said...

you are so cute

Mrs. Hammer said...

Looked like a great weekend. I love those blankets and yours looks so cute!