Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busiest Weekend

It's Tuesday and I am dragging. We had what we hope was the busiest weekend of our summer. Plus, I haven't slept well the past two nights, even though I am exhausted all day.
Thankfully, Friday night was low key. I ran errands and tried to get last minute gifts. Tommy worked security for a few hours. We ended the night watching some CSI. Saturday, Toms younger sister, Stefanie graduated 8th grade. We arrived at his Moms house early, so we could give her the gift we chose. We bought her a beautiful diamond cross necklace back in December and have been excited for her to finally wear it on her graduation day. She loved it and it looked perfect. Note to self-get a picture of her wearing it! The ceremony was really nice. We had dinner afterward and headed back home to change, as the temperature was rapidly dropping.
Getting that diploma

Proud parents

Our next stop was my friend Raeann's graduation party. We were there for a little over an hour and it was nice to catch up. I felt bad making such a brief appearance, but I guess it was better than not going. Lastly, we had to drive 40 minutes to my friend Michelle's graduation party. A ton of my good friends were there and we had a really nice time. We didn't leave there until after midnight and went straight to bed when we got home.

Sunday, we had my cousins, Stephanie's graduation lunch. Again, we made an hour long appearance and had to head home to get ready. That evening, we went to our friends wedding celebration. The couple got married in November, the 7th to be exact!, and decided to have a reception now. It was a beautiful night, the food was great and we saw a lot of friends we hadn't seen in a while.

Friends since kindergarten..Colleen, Monique, Me

Anthony, CC, Eric, Monique, Me, Tom

The beautiful Christina and Me
Boomer lovin' on his Joey

It was a fun, exhausting, busy and expensive weekend! We plan to spend this coming weekend at the cottage, doing the exact opposite. If the weather cooperates, boating, bbq-ing and beer(water for me!) are in our future.
Last night I went out for Mexican food with some girlfriends for Jill's birthday. Tonight, we took Tyler to buybuyBaby as our test baby. I found a stroller combo I am in love with, as well as girl bedding. I already know what boy bedding I want, so now I am set. There are a few things I want from there and I'm trying to decide if we should register there too.
Hopefully tonight I will sleep better. Tomorrow is my nephew Mikey's big 10th birthday! I still cant believe he is that old. I have been an Auntie for 10 years! We are celebrating on the 27th.

I finally broke down and called a nurse at my office yesterday. My headaches have been ridiculous lately. Most days, Ill treat one and have a few good hours and then have to deal with a second headache in one day. I cant function like that. I told her that I usually drink my one pop a day when I feel it coming on. Sometimes that's all I need, but most of the time it doesn't help. Some days I will just suffer through it. Some days I will take regular strength Tylonel. She said I was doing what they would suggest as the first steps. Obviously, that isn't working well. She suggested trying Excedrin Migraine or taking more doses of Tylonel. Apparently Tylonel is safe as long as it doesn't exceed 1000 mg/6 hours. The nurse told me to try those and if they are still bad in 2 weeks when I go back, we can talk about taking one step further. I really hope I get some relief soon.

We are pretty much decided on a girl name. Yes, it is one that I have mentioned before. Now, we are throwing around middle names to see what the perfect fit would be. Boys names are still up in the air. We figure we will worry about that when we need to. There is so much I want to do as soon as we find out what our lil baby is. I want to go get my diaper bag, make the baby its blanket, shop for clothes, register, etc.

10 days and counting.......


MOBACH'S said...

i had the same problem with headaches for all three of my pregnancies ( 5 weeks till my third baby is due and this one is a boy... so excited... we already have 2 girls.. but i digress!!) and was told the same thing about the tylenol. I also had to stick with my one cup of coffee in the morning or else the headaches would be horrible... so don't stress about it.. you are well into your second trimester so things are looking good... and I figured if the dr. said it was ok to take a bit of tylenol to at least take the edge off than that was better than suffering through and getting my self sicker and sicker and my body being no good to my baby! have a super RELAXING weekend!

kim_brough said...

Just curious- once you find out the gender, will you tell what the name is? My sis is due with #2 next month and we know it's a boy... and that's it. That's kinda how it was with the first one (except that I picked out his name!)but they never "officially" said that he would be Adam Rees until they handed him to us.

Joy said...

I was so anxious and thought time would slooooow down before my sonogram, but it sped up. Just had to keep busy!!! Can't wait to hear the baby names and the gender results!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow you are such a busy girl. Congrats to all the gratuates you mentioned.
Sorry to hear that your having those headaches thats just terrible, I hope they get better.

I also want to know the name. I can't wait to here the gender... What will you be, I'm still guessing a girl.

☆ Loren ☆ said...

You are glowing in these pictures! (okay, with a touch of redness from the sunburn ;] ) Seriously though, you look absolutley stunning! I love your hair curled like that! The last picture of you and your honey is too darn cute!! You should frame that one!

Hilary said...

Can't wait to see if you're having a boy or girl! I love all of the girl names that you previously mentioned, so I'm glad you probably using one of those. I meant to comment on your baby name post with a few suggestions since it sounds like we have the same taste in baby names, but it looks like you won't need any more suggestions if it's a girl! I also meant to comment on the post about your brother's graduation because I was wondering how many people were in his class? My little sister graduated from Neuqua Valley (in Naperville) this year and her class size was 1,156! I know that Neuqua is a pretty big school compared to other suburban Chicago high schools, but I was just wondering. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Wow, I think a non-pregnant person would be exhausted with your scheduled. How are you not falling asleep standing up? :) I hope you get some relief from your headaches soon!

Lize said...

You look stunning in that photo with your friends from kindergarten. You have that pregnancy glow :)

twondra said...

Wow. You guys did have a busy weekend! No wonder you're tired. :) Love all the pictures!!