Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

As I am still trying to catch up, lets rewind to Saturday. There was a big family kitty cat incident that occured Friday night and Saturday afternoon. But, I am going to leave that part out, as it deserves a post of its own. Saturday morning, we took the three younger kids to the "Bites with the Bunny." It was very laid back; just a continental breakfast with the bun-bun in the corner. They got to decorate a hard boiled egg, participate in a coloring contest, and nibble on some breakfast snacks. Everyone liked the bunny, but we didnt get any super-great pictures. He actually almost dropped Tyler. Must have been a 15 year old boy in that costume..
Me and the Bruiser! A 17 lb. 4.5 month old

Delaney Grace

Braydon Allen

Tyler Joseph

Tyler slipping away..

After that, my mom came and we switched Tyler, who needed a nap, for my almost 10-year old nephew, Mikey. The park district arranged egg hunts for the kids in the baseball field outside. Delaney went first. She was awesome! Brady went second and got a lot of eggs. Mikey went last and was determined to get a golden egg. They only had 3 or 4 per age group and if you found one, you traded it for a big jelly bean prize. A kid ran right in front of Mikey on Go! and he got a little thrown off. He ended up with an empty bucket, but got over it quickly. I absolutley love doing activities with just the kids. We have yearly traditions of places we go and I still find it hard to believe there will be another baby next year-and it will be ours. Ahh!!

Tomtom and the kiddos
Sweet Lane

Brady boy

Mikey being a good sport

..Insert kitty drama here all afternoon. Skipping over..

My parents treated us to dinner at Maggianos, as a congrats on the babe. Boy, was it yummy! We had such a great time. Then, we went downtown to the Rescue Me Comedy Tour. Oh My Goodness, it was beyond hilarious. It consisted of Denis Leary and 3 other actors/comedians, all of which were too funny. I couldnt believe half the things he said. It was almost 3 hours and worth every penny!

Sunday I woke up feeling horrible. It felt like someone hit me in the head with a hammer. I got up, puked, drank some caffeine, took some Tylonel and layed back down. I would have stayed in bed if it hadnt been Easter. I planned on wearing this pretty dress and taking lots of pictures that day, but felt so crappy, it didnt happen. We drove up to the new cottage in Wisconsin, where the rest of the family was. It takes a little over an hour to get there, and luckily I felt better by the time we arrived.

Tommy and I hadnt seen the cottage since January 1st, so we were pleasantly surprised at how large and beautiful the new house is. It is like night and day compared to what we had before. There is a lot of work that needs to be done still, particularly organizing. It looks great though; surpassed my expectations and then some.

We gave the kiddos their baskets and were surprised with baskets for our Peanut. My sister stuck with a bath theme and my parents did a Baby Einstein theme. This baby is spoiled already! We lounged around the house, played Wii, made decorating plans and then went to lunch at the Country Club we used to eat at when we were little. It was delicious! We returned to the house and played endless amounts of Deal or No Deal on Wii. SO much fun! We left pretty late and poor Tom had homework to do, as usual.

The WHOLE family
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Its crazy that April is half way over. Where does time go?


riddle me that said...

the whole family? where is tyler??

(i've been a lurker for awhile and couldn't help but come out of hiding for that)

Mimi said...

Love the pictures. I hope you feel better honey.


Kelly said...

I hope you are feeling better! Cute pictures! It is always fun to get gifts for the peanut!

Sarah said...

I came across your blog today and have enjoyed reading your story! Congrats on your little miracle! I look forward to checking back often and following your journey!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness I too felt horrible on Sunday Morning, but I think mine was from staying up WAYYYYYYY too late at my Mom's 50th B-day party. Awwwwww how sweet are those baskets? Very thoughful, and YES the baby is VERY spoiled already.

twondra said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like so much fun!!

Stephanie said...

You look so perfect with a baby in your lap :)

How sweet that you got baskets for your little exciting!

Stephanie said...

How fun that peanut got baskets!! How sweet!
You look beautiful girl!!
Glad you were able to all get together for a great Easter weekend!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

riddle me-tyler was sleeping. my sister is holding up his carrier. youre right though-you really cant see him. well be sure to get a better pic at his baptism next weekend!

amanda said...

hope you feel better. how sweet to get baskets for the baby!! glad you had a nice time. it's funny to think of a cabin in southern wisconsin, to me a cabin is up in yooper country. but i guess for you, your cabin is up north. lol. sorry...the kids got me up too early this morning.

Ashley said...

Love the pics!! YOu and Tyler have the same eyes:) Glad you are feeling better honey!!