Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bring May

My younger brother turns 18 today. I am officially old.

His birthday means one thing, MAY is almost here. I have always liked the month of May. There are fun celebrations and this year it is over the top! We have..Mothers Day, our Anniversary(that came fast!), my sisters birthday, my brothers birthday, Memorial Day, my brothers high school graduation and party, my sister in laws school play, weekends in Wisconsin..etc.

Once we considered the ridiculous amount of graduations, weddings, showers, and parties we have to attend this year, we decided to not go on a vacation. At least not a big one. We may plan a road trip last minute, but for now, I am content with our summer plans. We want to go somewhere when the baby is a month or two old. My friend Heather that works for Southwest said she would give a pink pass as a shower gift. Woo-hoo! Plus, we do our bi-annual family trip to Disney. One year ago, today, was our first day of our trip. Therefore, next year..likely in May, our growing family..which will consist of 15, will embark on another priceless trip to beautiful Florida. Our 5 year anniversary will be one year after that trip. We promised eachother we would take a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. I cant wait, only 2 years to go!

I am trying to figure out whether we will have another baby on the way at that time. If we do not get pregnant on our own, we will have enough time for 2 rounds of IVF/FET between when Peanut turns 1 and our trip. I think we can make it happen. I cant help it, I was born a planner!

I submited my order to rent a fetal doppler yesterday. I think it will grant me peace of mind on days I wonder if there is anything in there. Its a monthly fee, so well see if I renew it for June. Tomorrow is my second OB appointment. Delaney will be joining us, so she can hear her cousins heartbeat. She has been talking about it for weeks. I wish we had an ultrasound so she could see the babe, but I dont think we get another of those with the OB until 20 weeks. I plan on asking tomorrow.

Ironically enough, I feel my wardrobe has grown since becoming pregnant. You see, I hadnt been wearing a lot of my clothes while doing IF treatments. I was very sensitive about the extra weight I put on, and wasnt wearing anything cropped or too tight. Now, I am able to wear all of these shirts, because I am supposed to have a little padding there. Pants are a different story..

Tom has been swamped with homework lately. I am ready for him to be done with this semester. I want my husband back! AND I want him to go get me a hot fudge sundae when I crave it, instead of using the homework as an excuse. :)


Ashley said...

Love the post. GLad all is well!! Can't wait to hear about the appointment tomorrow!!!:)

Stephanie said...

What a planner!!
We were in Disney last year in May, and I cant wait to go back!!
Sounds like you have things pretty planned out! Lets see if they all stay the same once peanut gets here! lol Those sweet babies always have a way of throwing off plans sometimes! haha
Great update..cant wait to hear about your appt tomorrow!

Molly said...

Found your blog through another one - it's great!

BB said...

I am new to the blog world and recently started following your blog. I absolutely love how upbeat and positive you are/have been. Good Luck! :)

Stephanie said...

Hot fudge sundaes were my craving when i was pregnant with Allie too :) Aren't they just wonderful!

Can't wait to hear about your appt tomorrow....I always looked forward to going in and hearing the heartbeat or seeing pics..such a wonderful day!

amanda said...

don't you love maternity clothes. after having four kids i just kept buying. i have enough to clothe a small pregnant community!!

Just Caz said...

I hope you get your DH back soon.
May and this year seems to be bringing lots of exciting things for you.
Can't wait to hear all about it!

twondra said...

You sound so happy. You definitely deserve that trip to Hawaii! And Hawaii is awesome....can't wait for you to go. :)

Mimi said...

I am so excited for you. I hope you get to go away for at least a few days to relax! I can't wait until July. We both took a week off to just relax! Yay!


Mrs. Hammer said...

You have a lot of fun vaca's to look forward too; in addition to your little peanut. Sounds fun. And homework is a poor excuse when the pregnant wife wants a sundae, what is he thinking!

The Pifer's said...

Love the post and I love all the pics in the post below this :)