Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 Weeks

I am so behind, its not even funny. I have a weekend post coming, a sad cat story, as well as an infertility post I have been wanting to write. For now, here is my 10 week post...3 days late.

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Even with pre-pregnancy
Maternity clothes? Bought two tanks last week, havent worn anything yet
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Most nights its great. I have come to love sleeping on my stomach
Best moment this week: Starting to feel better-come on second trimester
Movement: Anxious to feel it
Food cravings: Cheesecake, chocolate
Gender: Girl, Girl, Girl
Labor Signs: Nah
Belly Button in or out? Innie
What I miss: I would have loved a glass of wine to wash my Saturday afternoon away
What I am looking forward to: NT Scan next Friday
Weekly Wisdom: Try not to "rush" the pregnancy. I want to be farther along, but am enjoying every day
Milestones: I feel like 10 weeks is huge

The following is a conversation I had yesterday with my fertility clinics billing office.

Me: Hi, I had a question on my bill I was hoping you could answer.
FCI: Sure, what is it?
Me: I have my last bill and dont see the payment I made reflected on the new bill.
FCI:Okay, let me see. It looks like you zeroed out the amount for that specific charge, so its taken off the following bill. What you see on your new bill is correct.
Me: Okay, that makes sense. Do you have the ability to check if my insurance has been billed for my IVF cycle yet?
FCI: No problem, when was it?
Me: Well, retreival was Valentines Day...
FCI: Thats all I need to know. It looks like your insurance has paid the bill.
Me: Okay, so I should get my bill in the mail soon?
FCI: No, everything was paid so there is no bill.
Me: (Confused) Hmm..could you double check that? I was expecting to get a bill for about $5,000. How could I owe nothing?
FCI: Yeah, I see by your grand total why you would think that. Aetna can be screwy and bill some labs and ultrasounds as medical. Its better for you.
Me: (Still in disbelief) Okay, so everything with my IVF cycle has been paid?
FCI: Well, there are a few items that havent been billed yet. It looks like March 2nd, 4th, etc.
Me: That is bloodwork and a few ultrasounds. So, that shouldnt be much. Everything will be sent through you guys?
FCI: Yep.
Me: Okay, wow. Well, thanks for making my Monday so great!
FCI: Youre welcome.

I really cant believe it. This is truly life changing. I thought Tom and I would have a lot of debt when the baby came along. Instead, we will be able to pay everything off right away. Dont get me wrong, this IVF cycle did cost us a lot. The money spent on infertility before IVF is ridiculous. We will never get that money back, but WHO CARES. In return, we will get to kiss 10 piggies and sing lullabys to our little peanut. A small price to pay, if you ask me. :)


Ashley said...

I've been missing your posts!! Love the new pics:) I'm sooo happy for you that the insurance paid all of it!! That is UNBELIEVABLE!!! If that happen to me I would pass out;) That is definately a GREAT monday:)

The Rileys said...

We could not agree more about the cost associated with IVF/infertility! It is worth every penny!!!!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

It's amazing how God provides! That's so exciting about your IVF bill.

And you are looking so adorable pregnant...what a cute little belly :-)

Charity said...

You look great! If it does turn out in fact to be a girl, I bet she will be pretty like her mamma. I have been reading since you were doing the IUI stuff and every time I check in, I just feel so happy for you and it reminds me of all the good things that go on on our little planet ;)

Laura said...

How wonderful! Excellent news! You are looking so cute with your preggo self! Love the updates! :)

The Pifer's said...


Mush said...

That's wicked news!

Bump pics are cool by the way.

Hope you feel better soon.

Jess said...

What great news! I agree with you, it was a small price to pay! :)

Mimi said...

You look so adorable. You are definitely popping honey. Pretty soon you are going to be all belly!!!


twondra said...

You look so wonderful!

That's awesome about the insurance!!

Sue said...

What awesome news!! And you look just great!

Stephanie said...

WOW..God is good!!
What wonderful news!!
You look great by the way!

Stephanie said...

Wow what wonderful news!!!!! Love the pics...you're coming along hon :)

Tiffany said...

Loving your belly! You are SOOOO cute. I had the same call with my RE clinic. I was expecting a $6,000 and the insurance paid it. Huh? WONDERFUL! Of course we had a lot of other bills including freezing, but the actual ER was covered for some very odd reason I am not questionning... EVER. Yahahhhooooo!!!! But of course ever penny spent so so so very worth it. My RE is my hero!

FireWife425 said...

I to couldn't agree more with your statement about the cost of infertility... It is SOOOOO worth it. I have so enjoyed reading your blog; I wish blogging about this kinda of thing was as popular when I was going through it a couple of years ago. Anyways, CONGRATS!

Bri said...

Wow! What a blessing!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Your little peanut bump is so cute! What a blessing with the IVF bills :)

WantWait&Pray said...

You are looking ADORABLE!!!!