Monday, March 16, 2009

Parade Weekend

Today is the first day since Thursday that I spent more than 10 minutes on the computer. I have a good excuse though, SPRING has decided to make an appearance! The weather has been gorgeous and we had a crazy, fun weekend filled with Irish festivities. Friday we went out for my friend Christina's birthday. It was a lot of fun, but I was out way past my bed time. Christina had baby Madison in October and is letting me borrow all her maternity clothes. We are about the same size and will even be coordinating with the seasons. I am thankful for that; anywhere we can save money helps! Saturday we took the three oldest kids to a local parade. There was a lady doing free face painting and I was very impressed! I even grabbed her card and gave it to my sister in case she wants to use it for Laney's next birthday.

Irish Princesses!

My sweet boys-Brady, Tommy, Mikey

Delaney Grace

Here is the awesome face painting!!

Peanuts first parade

Saturday night we went out again. My cousins band, appropriately called The Shams, was playing at a bar about 20 minutes away. My family is already loving having a permanent sober driver. Hey, I don't mind one bit! Sunday we went to the famous South side Irish parade in Chicago. I wish I could explain just how crazy things get..but there are no words. Tom was being really cute all day..touching my belly and telling me how cute I looked. Ahhh, he gives me butterflies.

Eric and Jeralyn

Elli, Jer, Me

Brandon, Eric, Tom

Sigh..end of a long day

We aren't doing anything for the actual holiday tomorrow. Simply being nearly 100% Irish is enough for me. I may stop by and grab a Shamrock shake. Otherwise, I think I have seen enough green.
Thank you for your prayers regarding Delaney. My sister changed her ultrasound to tomorrow because she didn't want her to miss school today. We are anxious to know results.
I need to update on my pregnancy and infertility. Stay tuned; I should find some free time tomorrow.


twondra said...

Looks like soooo much fun! You guys look so happy!!

Stephanie said...

That looked like fun!!! Love the peanuts first parade and the face painting was awesome!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for checking in, I was wondering how you were. Love the pictures. So did you spill the beans to all your family? How did they react? I have something for you that I would like to mail you. Could you please email me an address?

April said...

I friend of mine stumbled on your page and told me your story. I went through IVF almost 5 years ago. Your page brings back so many memories...the shots, the dr. visits, the waiting, the hoping...

My husband had testicular cancer and after years of trying to get pregnant, we decided to do IVF. We did it and have our beautiful Hunter, who will be 4 next month. Ohhh, what at miracle he is.

I sure wish blogging would have been around when I was going through IVF. I love your page and how you are documenting it! I think you and your hubby will make a beautiful little baby. I will have to follow your progress....=)

Ashley said...

I missed you!!! I was getting worried;) Looks like you had fun!! Can't wait to hear pregnancy updates!!

LucieP said...

first of all! love the babygaga ticker! I really enjoyed it my last pregnancy!

Second, the pics are so cute!!! I love the shirts and "flare."