Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OB and Vacation

I finally decided on an OB! I called yesterday to set up my first appointment. It is on April 3rd at 1:15 pm. She said I will meet with the midwife and give a full history and other info. Then, I'll have an ultrasound with the doctor, follow by some bloodwork. I cant freakin wait. I want to see that sweet baby again! There is an meeting you are asked to attend before your first appointment. They are held on Tuesday nights, so we are going tonight. Im excited to go to our first pregnancy-related class!

I have been feeling better the past few days. My voice is still kinda raspy and I have a cough, but I dont think of myself as sick anymore. I also have felt a bit of my energy come back. Still no nausea here. My sister is sick through her entire pregnancy, so I presumed I would be simliar. Then again, she is very fertile and I had no luck in that department. ;)

We are trying hard to decide on where to go on vacation. I was this close to booking a hotel in Myrtle Beach, only to realize Southwest does not fly to South Carolina. Then, I planned an entire trip to San Diego, but now we are second guessing if we should go there. It basically comes down to us spending as much on a trip like that, or spending a few extra hundred dollars and going to the Dominican Republic like we have wanted to. Such a hard decision! Not to mention we still havent gotten our big IVF bill in the mail. I am dreading that day. I hope we decide and book something soon, its almost April!

Delaneys test results came back normal. Thank you for all your support! She has to go back for another urine test in 2 weeks. Its just to make sure the blood is gone. Yay, Laney!

I have a had some great questions asked and plan on answering them soon. I will leave the option open until the weekend and get a post together sometime Saturday. You have 5 days to ask me anything you want.


Mommy said...

I am so happy to hear about your niece! I am also wondering if you have told your friends and family and how they reacted!

Sue said...

Oh I totally think you should go to the Dom. Repub.!! For my husband and me, we feel like now that we have kids we do not want to vacation (without them) out of the country. It's too risky. We loved Sandals in Jamaica for our honeymoon and would go back someday. But not for years and years. Yes, you will have vacays with just you and your hubby after you have kids. Yes, you will have whole fam vacays too. But this is your last chance to leave--just the two of you--without worrying so much about your kids at home. I think you should spend the extra $$ and go! (Umm, not that you asked!)

Glad you are feeling better and have fun tonight!

Dawn said...

I vote for an out of the country trip, if you're able. It will be harder once baby gets here for that kind of a trip. But just be careful on your travels. Take it easy whatever you do. Even a spa vacation might be nice.

Kelly said...

I found these questions on a website and thought they might be interesting for your Q&A post. Of course you don't have to answer all of them, I just thought I'd throw them all out there.

Loud or Quiet →
Sweats or Jeans →
Phone or Camera →

Last food you ate →
Last movie you watched →
Last song you listened to →
Last thing you bought →

Food →
Drinks →
Clothing →
Books →
Music →
Colors →
Movies →

Plans for today →
Waiting for →

How many kids? →
Dream career →

Yourself →
Miracles →
Love at first sight →
Heaven →

Is there one person you want to be with right now? →
Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? →
Do you believe in God →

Tiffany said...

So glad Laney is okay. I know what you mean about dreading the big bill. All I can say is that I will gladly pay it with a smile because it brought us our miracles. I cannot imagine paying it if the cycle would have failed. Each month making the payment would be a reminder. My Dad was sweet enough to pay off IVF #2, so now no reminders remain, and the bill we must pay is only a good reminder of our success and our frozen embryos.

twondra said...

So glad your niece is okay! That's gotta be a big relief to everyone.

I'm glad you're going on a vacation. You deserve it so much after all you've been through. (((HUGS)))

Stephanie said...

So happy for you..that first class is always so exciting!!!!!!