Thursday, March 26, 2009

Injection Count

As I get closer and closer to being done with IVF injections, I thought it would be fun to tally how many pokes were needed to get me through it. Here are the numbers:

12-blood draws, including 3 betas.
29-subcutaneous injections, meaning in the belly. This includes Lurpon and Follistim.
66-intramuscular injections, meaning in the hip/butt. This includes Repronex, PIO and Novarel trigger. Also meaning, OUCH!
1-IV during the retrieval

Wow, that is a total of 108 pokes! Unbelievable!


Kelly sent me this cute little survey, as I have been trying to put a Q & A session together.

Loud or Quiet → Loud
Sweats or Jeans → Sweats
Phone or Camera → Camera

Last food you ate → Ice cream
Last movie you watched → Sex Drive
Last song you listened to → You look good in my shirt-Keith Urban
Last thing you bought → Gasoline

Food → I love too many to pick one
Drinks → Blue gatorade
Clothing → Summer clothes
Books → Anything by Jodi Picoult
Music → Country!!
Colors → Blue
Movies → Notebook, anything funny

Yourself → Yes
Miracles → I am carrying one, so yes
Love at first sight → Lust maybe, love comes after
Heaven → I know some great people up there

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Tommy boy
Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → More than anything
Do you believe in God → Yes

Thanks, Kelly! The other questions asked will be answered Saturday.

Congrats to Cady on her BFP! I LOVE BFP's!


Beth said...

Wow! I can't imagine going through all of those injections! My hat is off to you!

I saw 'Sex Drive' last wk too...I usually like comedies, but UGH.

Ashley said...

Love the survey...I got sex drive in the mail today...hoping its good!

twondra said... many injections. You're a trooper. (((HUGS)))

cady said...

it's crazy how many injections we have to give ourselves! thanks so much for the congrats. :)

Sue said...

That is crazy to have to go through that many pokes!! I agree with Beth: my hat is off to you too!!

Oh, and I know you are getting ready for your q & a post, so I have a few more q's for ya. (You did say anything, right?) :)

What does your hubby do? Will you work after the baby comes? What's the latest update on your house, any good news? How many more kids do you want? Are you TOO excited to register for your shower?!?

Love the survey!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

You are one tough woman for going through all those shots. Was it worth it? My guess is hell yes :-)

beth ewing said...

wow to the injections. once i tried to count the number of times i've had blood drawn in the last two years and i lost count. but i promise it will all be worth it when that little peanut comes.

Stephanie said...

Country rocks!!!!!

I can't believe all those're strong girl!!!

LucieP said...

loving the stats! It's so worth it!

Little peanut's cartoon is getting bigger!!

Josh and Tiff said...

Please check out my blog. I have a couple of awards for you.

sue said...