Monday, March 2, 2009

Help Needed

I am freaking out right now. My beta on Friday was 86. Today, it was 137. It did NOT double in three days..when it should have in two. I feel like I am going to throw up. What does this mean? Am I loosing the pregnancy? If anyone knows, please help!


♥Tabitha said...

I'm not a doctor, but I know a lot of girls who's numbers haven't perfectly doubled in the time period and they had a healthy and uneventful pregnnacy! Are you spotting or cramping really bad? Have you asked your Dr. or nurse what he/she thinks? You'll be in my prayers!!

Ace said...

Have you talked to your Dr? Don't stress out, you've got blog friends praying for you.

The Riggs Family said...

Every pregnancy is different and not every woman's hcg levels will double every two days exactly. I would talk to your doctor about it and in the meantime, I'm praying for you.

Jennifer said...

I know that sometimes when they put 2 back, they can both initially implant. By the time you have your subsequent betas one has miscarried and only the surviving baby continues to produce the hcg so it doesn't necessarily double. Does that make sense? I have a 3 year old daughter that came from a pregnancy that started out as twins! I will be praying for you.

Gill said...

Take all the advice - speak to your Dr. don't stress....praying for you. heaps.xx

The Pifer's said...

I wish I had your answers for you so you wouldn't stress, unfortuantly I have no idea. I would just talk to your Dr and if they don't seem alarmed I would try to relax, I know it's easier said than done, I would probably be the same way. I am praying that everything is ok though! :::HUGS:::

WantWait&Pray said...

Hi sweetie, just relax. I believe that as long as it's doesn't need to necessarily need to double. It was close to doubling.....try to pray about it and relax. And I would most certainly call your Dr/nurse to ease your mind.

Dan and Gretchen said...

You are probably just fine. Mine did the exact same thing...remember you are testing VERY early, so anything could be happening right now. I know what you mean about feeling totally sick. Don't let this stress you out...that's not good either.

Mine didn't double at the first test so I had to have a 2nd one and at that time it more than doubled. I would certainly wait to see what Wednesday's test brings before get too worried. It's possible both took initially and now only one is there, or they could be splitting....a lot happens in this phase.

Joy said...

A solid rise is good, try and trust in that until your next test. I will be praying.

ASHLEY said...

After i had my miscarriage and got pregnant again, they told me my levels were very low, so it scared me to death thinking I would lose another baby. But,she turned out fine....please don't get too stressed.
Be sure to talk with the doctors and like others are saying, you are very early.Try to stay calm for the baby. Praying for you and your hubby.

Christa @ Quintooples said...

it's going up! It's going UP. that's good.

Try and remain positive, I know it's hard. The first 12 weeks are so full of anxiety. (((())))

Just's going UP. Your numbers are still considered normal, and try and look ahead to Wednesday.

I am so sorry. I KNOW how anxious these days are. I have had 5 miscarriages, so if you have any questions please ask. My experience has always been a complete loss of symptoms followed by spotting.

Keep your chin up, and hopefully in a few weeks you can begin to enjoy. This is the worst part.

The waiting.

just me said...

i am agreeing with all the ladies. try not to stress too much and talk to your doctor. i know that some pregnancies are slower to start, but catch up, perhaps that is happening. I have my fingers crossed and I am praying for you.

Bri said...

I have read lots of places that the betas don't necessarily double. I think that is an estimate, but everyone is so different and as long as they are going up it is a good sign. The most important thing for you to do is take care of yourself. Praying for you!

Jenn, Rian and Cameron said...

Mine didn't double and I now have a beautiful 8 month old! What you need to do is eat some good food, relax and read a book or watch some tv. Just relax, and let it happen!

Tiffany said...

First off, big hugs. It is probably fine. If you remember, mine didn't double in 48 hrs. It was more like 59. My RE looks for a 60% increase in 48 hrs. and yours was 60%. It could be a vanishing twin, because your first # was high. Check out you will see many women who did not have doubling betas myself included. What did the doctor say? I will be thinking and praying for you. Twin numbers can be goofy, that is why mine were. Post as soon as your have more info.

Its A Corny Life... said...

Stress doesn't do any TRY TRY TRY to stay calm! Here's my start, in a nutshell

13 days past transfer beta = 13

I went from 13 to 23 to 36 (every other day). After 36 doc said it was a chemical pregnancy and told me to stop the meds. I decided not to and asked for one more beta. 4th beta jumped to 106, then 4 days later to 1186.

Turns out I was miscarrying a triplet...and know the rest! I have Abby!

I guess what I am saying is, don't let those numbers fool you. They can really mess with your mind. And stress can wreak havoc on your body! I know it's not easy, but hang in there. When's your next beta? The rule of doubling is not fool-proof...just know that since it's going up...things are going well.

Oh, how I feel for you. I know first-hand how hard it is. And I can give you all the advice in the world, but you will still worry...I did too.

I'll be saying an extra little prayer for you tonight.

Where's Baby? said...

Don't get discouraged! It went up! Stay strong. We are all praying for you and your little one(s)! :)

Mimi said...

I have heard so many women have this and go on to have a healthy baby. I am praying for you honey! Hugs


Momma said...

Praying for the peanut(s).
I'm gonna agree with everyone else
"Try not to stress."
Sending prayers your way.
Can't wait to hear all about those
rising numbers.

twondra said...

Oh, sweetie. I can imagine how scary and stressful this is. I don't know much about it, but I'm thinking and praying for you so much. I've heard a steady rise is what they really look for.


Jennifer L said...

I've never gone through infertility and never had to have all the test done, but I found out I was pregnant very early on in my pregnancies and sometimes wished a little more time had passed without me having to worry. I think you are worrying yourself sick!

The Pifer's said...

I left you something on my page are amazing, keep your faith up!

Kahla said...

I would say try to relax, but I know from experience that relaxing is impossible! However, I do not think this means that your pregnancy is over. Here why:

1) With my first IVF I actually had a drop between two of my BETAs and we were told that either we were losing the baby or we were losing a baby. Two days later my BETA was back up and ultrasound confirmed we lost a twin.
2)With our most current IVF I had a doubling rate of about 36ish hours going and then all of a sudden it slowed down to 72 hours. I was terrified. However, the next BETA is was back up. Sometimes weird things just happen, no rhyme or reason.
3) According the the American Association of Pregnancy your HCG should go up a minimum of 60% in 72 hours (which yours is right at that I believe), they just like it to double every 48. Doesn't mean that if it doesn't, it's not viable.

Hang in there and I'm sending lots of P&PT your way. I've been in your shoes, it's very hard. Just trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will lead you.


Stephanie said...

Everyones body is different...don't freak yet. That's easy to say but much harder to do I know. I'm praying for your!

The Beaver Bunch said...

It's so much easier to say "Don't worry" when we are sitting on this side....BUT...don't worry.


LucieP said...

everyone has given wonderful advice!
I haven't been through your experience exactly but with my last pregnancy, I spotted a lot and worried....and it hasn't stopped even though my boys are 8 and 1.
Welcome to one of the first instincts of being a parent: worry!

Now...try to take your mind off of it--keep yourself busy--when you start freaking out again, immediately start praying--even if you have to do it over and over again. As you know and have been told, everyone's experience is different.

Continuing to pray!