Saturday, March 28, 2009

Answers to Questions

What does your hubby do?
Tom is a driver for a sprinkler fitter company. He is also a full time student studying Criminal Justice. His dream is to be a Chicago Police Officer. The testing process for any officer is excruciating. Chicago is more difficult than most to pass. Also, they currently have a freeze on the department, but did say they will open testing in the fall. He would also love to be an officer in Florida, simply because he loves the state and he is trying to find any excuse to make me move there. Another option is to be a Cook County Corrections Officer. My father is a Cook County Sheriff. Again, this department has a freeze currently. We know that once it opens up, Tom is "in." Basically, right now we are waiting for an opportunity to open up. That day can't come soon enough.

Will you work after the baby comes?
I wish I could say no. Unfortunately, we are unable to afford me not working just yet. My dream is to be a stay at home mother until my last child is in kindergarten. I will continue to work until something in our life changes and we can keep me home!

What's the latest update on your house, any good news?
We have had a for sale by owner sign in front of the home for a while now. Since the first of the year, we have gotten countless calls on the house and shown in to multiple families. Everyone that walks through it loves it. The problem lies when they need to be approved for a loan. Apparently, a mortgage is hard to come by nowadays. A lot of families are interested in lease to buy. We were against it at first, but became open to the idea. We had one family get as far as giving all their info to us to check. Their credit report was terrible, so we didn't feel comfortable renting to them. We have decided to take the loss and list with a realtor. We may go to the house next weekend to meet with a few. I just want to be rid of the house! We need something to happen by August, when we are done house sitting.

How many more kids do you want?
We want 5 kids total. I don't know why that number. Tom is one of 3 and I am one of 4. I have always thought a family with 5 children would be ideal. I had this plan in my head for 5 children, 2 years apart, before I am 30. I will have my first at 22. However, we will not wait between children, as we planned before we knew we had problems. We have already talked about it and will do IVF again as soon as our peanut turns 1, maybe sooner.

Are you TOO excited to register for your shower?!
I am super excited. We have so many loving friends and family members that know what it took to get us to this point. I guarantee our showers will be very special.

How did you and hubby meet?
We met at a college we were both attending at the time. It was a few days before classes started and I was totally smitten by him. He introduced himself as TJ. We hit it off immediately, though neither of us were looking for a relationship. Two weeks later, we were "dating." The rest is history..

If you had to, would you go through IVF again?
We really hope we won't have to go through this again. If we are unable to get pregnant naturally, we will. We have 4 frozen embryos, we we can hopefully get a few more children out of those, before we would have to do the whole IVF process again.

I have a friend who struggling with infertility and I am a mother of two. Our friendship is really suffering, she just seems to push me away. Is there anything I can do? I was hoping since you went through the same struggles as her you could help!
I wish I had great advice to give, but I really don't. All of my friends are still in college and don't plan on having a husband for a few more years, let alone children. My advice to dealing with your friend, is just let her know how much you care. Tell her that you have no idea what she is going through, but you can be there if she needs anything. Sometimes the right words can go a long way.

When did you know Tom was the one?
I knew Tommy was the one about a month after we started dating. Here is my cheesy story: We were at Six Flags Great America with a bunch of friends. We were in line for the ride Superman and he had his arms wrapped around me for the majority of the 2 hour wait. At one point, something clicked. I never wanted him to let go. I had never felt so strong for a person before. I realized I didn't know what I would do without him. So, I decided to keep him forever.

How'd he propose?
This story is not cheesy or romantic. He did ask my Dads permission though, and I find that romantic. We were at my parents and he was leaving. I had just said goodbye and closed the door. Then, I heard a knock. I opened the door and there he was, on one knee. He gave a super cute speech. I remember him saying he wanted me to have his babies and he would love me when I am old and gray. I said yes and was so happy. After hugging and kissing, I asked him why he did it there. He told me how he was going to take me downtown and the cliche proposal, but he wanted to do it somewhere I am often, so I would think of it often. I thought that was cute. I do, however, still give him a hard time about his "sucky" proposal. He always responds by saying, "Its not where it happens, its what was said that matters." I couldn't agree more.

Where do you come up with all the ideas to go have fun?
Tom and I are constantly on the go. This is mainly because I plan our life out months in advance and he just goes along with it. I consider myself a fun person that likes to stay active and busy. As far as the ideas go, I often search online. We are huge country music fans, so we are regulars at concerts. We do enjoy seeing movies at the theatre and having dinner out. We have great friends that we do tons of activities with. I live my life by constantly having something to look forward to. It could be a vacation, family party, day with the kids, anything really. We do enjoy to occasional weekend day or night off. Usually though, we are booked every weekend. It will only get busier, as we have a huge summer ahead of us. Our cottage is done, so we will be there, spending time at the beach and on the boat. We have weddings, showers, family graduations, big birthdays, concerts, vacations..oh, and a baby to get ready for!

But I am dying to know, how you think it's a girl?
Mothers intuition? I honestly don't know. Ironically, we both would prefer a boy first. I think everyone deserves a big brother. :-) I have one and Tommy is one. Tom kind of views it as..the baby will be spoiled, so it might as well be a girl. I just have a feeling..

Do you guys have names picked out already?
We do...kinda. We have a list that we added to and removed from for the past 2 years. Now that we are finally going to have something to name, I realize how big this is. You have to consider so much! The name has to sound good at all stages of, child, teen, adult. Plus, we have a name with good nicknames. My family is big on that. Toms favorite girl name is Isabella. I like it also, but refuse to use it. It is #2 on the list of popular names right now. I don't want our little girl to forever be called Isabella R. Because, ya know she will have an Isabella F. and Isabella C. in her classes. We like unique names, just not too unique. There will be no Apple's coming out of me! We have agreed to come up with a few names for whatever sex the baby is and decide when we meet him/her. I'm sure I will share our ideas as we get closer. I'll need the feedback!


Sue said...

Love the q & a! Good luck on the house and to Tom in his career quest.

Thanks for sharing with us. Love the proposal story, too!

The Pifer's said...

I LOVE the Q and A, thanks for sharing!!!! :)

Bri said...

I totally feel you on the going back to work. Now that my little girl is here, I dread the day that I will have to leave her. Right now it is just not an option though. Also, we have a "normal" proposal story too, but like your hubby said, "it's what was said that counts". I still give mine a hard time about the proposal :o) Oh my gosh-picking a name is soooo hard-good luck! I can't wait to hear more about your little peanut!

amanda said...

i want to encourage you to really think about 'affording' to stay home. when i had amelya i had not planned on being a stay at home mom. but when i wrote it on paper it was 'affordable' we had to cut out stuff, cable, the orkin man etc etc. BUT it is worth every single sacrifice. one thing i say to ppl when they say 'i wish i could afford to stay home' is this, we can't 'afford' it either, we make it work. :0) hey and now look at me...home with FOUR kids.

Kristal said...

I know you already answered your questions but I have another for you if you feel like answering it. I'm curious what you do for a living (please feel free to answer so that you don't give away to much personal information) and as a young couple what you could suggest for other young couples planning for a baby of their own or paying for infertility treatments. Has it been hard for you or are there special tips you can share on how you save money for this?

Stephanie said...

When I was pregnant with my third I was so conviced he was a girl I went out and bought girl clothes..only to later find out that of course he was a boy :) loved those q & a's

Josh and April said...

I wish Tom liked the name Griffin! The other funny thing is that Reece's first name is Isabella! And you know my hubby's a cop...we have a lot in common! :)

Stephanie said...

What a fun Q & A!! It was nice to hear all about your life (before blog!) lol
I craved chocolate milk everyday while I was pregnant! I dont like chocolate or milk normally, so it was quite a shock to me!!
Good luck picking out a name...I'm sure you will both find something perfect for your peanut!

Tera said...

Hi, just came across your blog from a friend's and I was completely drawn into your story. :) It surprised me how similar we are as I was reading thinking everyone needs a big brother b/c you have one and Tom is one...exact same situation here and guess what we had first...a girl of course! ;) While we didn't go as far as IVF, we did struggle with infertility at a young age too. I remember being afraid the RE would think I was crazy going to his office at the age of 24, but he was determined to get us pregnant! We also didn't wait after #1 arrived. I had a miscarriage a few weeks before #1's birthday and then conceived on Clomid with pregnancy #3 a few months later. Hopefully, it will be easier for you the next time around too. BTW, I also want 5 kids...coming from a family of 4 and my husband being from a family of 3.:) Prayers for an easy pregnancy and healthy baby!!

Tera said...

Ok- just noticed your wedding date too. We were married 5/18/02. ;)