Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Days

I have been going to the doctors every day since Sunday. Needless to say, I am looking forward to having time away from that office! Here are the reports from the past few days.

Monday-Estrogen level=965
Follicle count=17.5 15 15 14.5 12.5 11.5 11.5 11 10

Tuesday-Estrogen level=1,181
Follicle count=18.5 18 15.5 15.5 14.5 13.5 13, 12

Wednesday-Estrogen level=1,766
Follicle count=21.5 19 17 16 16 16 15 14 14 13.5

Nurse K said she is 99% sure retrieval will be on Saturday. Yipee! I will be able to tell my kiddos they were "made" on Valentines special. I will go in tomorrow morning for one last check. She said we want to get those 14 and 13's a bit bigger. If I wake up to hear we retrieved 10 follicles, I would be so happy!

To all of you that have been in my shoes...some feedback please? Do these numbers look promising? Am I doing okay? I could use some reassurance. Thanks!


Kriss said...

I haven't done IVF but I have had my follicles measured. I think the numbers look good esp. the one that is 21!! Just think what they will be by Friday or Saturday! Sending postive thoughts and prayers your way! -kriss

The Patterson's said...

I haven't been there, yet. Just had my first follicle check for IVF today, but those numbers look good to me. I have my next check on Friday and we're hoping for a Monday retrieval so I'm just a couple days behind you. Good luck!!

Sarie Lou Who said...

I haven't done IVF, but I read this blog and learned more about follicles and IVF than I ever knew. And, her's worked the first time!

twondra said...

I've been there and your numbers are great! They are nice and consistent! I remember I was told they *might* get 10 and I ended up with 12 because a couple were hiding. I really, really hope that's the case for you! You're almost there sweetie! You're in the HOME STRETCH!!!

Dave and Elaine said...

How awesome is a retrivial on Valentine's Day!!! We all know that IVF tends to take all the romance out of baby-making, but to be able to say your babies were conceived on Valentine's day is so awesome!!!!

Praying for 10!

Mimi said...

I think those numbers look amazing!!! You are doing so good honey!!! Good luck!!


Dan and Gretchen said...

Erin you are doing well!!! Are you feeling pretty "full" right now? I remember being in the home stretch and just feeling like I was pregnant b/c I was so darn bloated. Your measurements are good...but yes by all means if they can get those few smaller ones bigger (I think they usually say around 15mm, to retrieve an egg from one). You may end up with more than 10 if they can stretch you out just a tad longer. We had 12 they were able to get and 8 fertilized.

Hang in are soooooo close!!! Stay positive!

Ashley said...

That's AWESOME!!! I will be praying extra hard on Saturday!! Good luck honey:)

WantWait&Pray said...

The numbers look great and you'll be so surprised at how big they will be by Saturday. Also, I'm guessing they will get more than 10- as they take EVERYTHING out at the retrieval...even the tiny ones. So, even though I had about 11 measurable follies....I had 16 retrieved!
You're lookin' good!

Andrea said...

longtime lurker here... i hope and pray that you will get your good news soon! The reason I'm posting is that I frequent this website, you may already know about it, but it's called There's a board on there that is specific to invitro fertilization... A WEALTH of information.. You may want to check it out! If you go to, click on bulletin boards, scrolldown and find "fertility issues and concerns," then under that link, click on invitro fertilization. Lots of success stories to keep those doubts out of your mind!

Hope you find it useful!

You can even get a login & post your questions etc. I haven't went that far.. I just "lurk."

Dan and Gretchen said...

YAY for'll be in my thoughts and prayers for sure. I'm so excited for you b/c I remember how exciting it was for us. Saturday will be a total wash for you, but it is by far soooooo worth it. Don't let the number they retrieve discourage you, if it's not what you thought it would be...all you need are a couple :)

Best Wishes and lots of good vibes coming your way!!!