Thursday, February 5, 2009

This and That

I feel like my mind has been all over the place, so I know this post will be no different.

~I am finally sleeping through the night again! It must have been the birth control. Not to self, never take YAZ ever again..

~I am an IVF-injection-takin', Gatorade-guzzlin'-fool! All injections have gone well. The area is sore for a bit after, due to all the drugs pumped in. I haven't had any bad effects yet. I have been drinking blue gatorade all day since Monday. I am not sick of it, yet. Ask me again in a week!

~The 101 year old woman I spoke of previously, passed away a few hours ago. My parents are on their way to meet with a funeral director. I have considered her my surrogate grandmother the past few years, after my grandparents all went to heaven. I know they will welcome her with open arms. I also know she will put in a good word with the Big Guy.

~I am going to the regular gyno tonight to update my pap. My last one was Feb 7th of 2008, so I knew to make the appt. to be up to date for IVF.

~My nephew, Braydon is turning five on Monday. Tom and I bought him a bike. :) His birthday party is at Pump It Up on Sunday. If you have no idea what that is, wait until you see pictures.

~Everyone has been sick around me and I am doing my best to not get infected. I can not afford to be sick and jeapordize this IVF cycle!

~After many convincing comments and finding out it is only an extra $550, we are doing ICSI. I am confident with our decision. Tom is going with me in the morning to re-sign papers.

~I am super anxious to find out what is growing in there! I want high numbers, but not TOO high.

~Tom and I are big Rescue Me fans. We love the show and are excited it is returning in March. I was browsing Ticketmaster and found out Denis Leary is coming to the Chicago theatre in April. I was planning on surprising Tom and getting tickets for his bday. That was until my dad accidentally spilled the beans! No surprise, but we are going!

~Speaking of TV shows, I am pumped for the Greys/Private Practice show tonight.

~I am freaking out at the possibility of being pregnant in a few short weeks. Oh my goodness..

IVF, death, TV shows..cant get much more random.

I'll update with follicle info tomorrow afternoon.


ASHLEY said...


Stephanie said...

Praying for you!!
I love Pump It Up, Greys, and Private Practice too!

Sarie Lou Who said...

fingers crossed for good folicle #s tomorrow!

Dan and Gretchen said...

LOTS of follicles would be great for tomorrow...when I went the first time I had 33, and on retrieval day, they were able to get 13. We'll be praying :)

Your spirit sounds much better this time!!! Hang in there!

Kahla said...

Can't wait to hear about your appt, hope you have great things going on in there! (I wouldn't say that to just anyone!!!)

Happily Ever After said...

Can't wait to hear the follicle news!!! :) You're getting so close!!! :)

Emily said...

Hoping in a "few short weeks" we're all saying congrats!! What is ISCI?

beth ewing said...

i can't believe the pumped up the grey's/private practice crossover and it wasn't even this week. and derek didn't even propose. ughh!

Mimi said...

Now I'm scared, I think I will be taking the Yaz. I took it one other time and was fine! Hopefully it will be fine this time too. I am so excited to hear how msny follies you have growing in there. Good luck honey!


twondra said...

I'm thinking of you! I hope you get a good follicle report!!