Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Day in the Life

6:00 am-Alarm sounds. Hit snooze.

6:08-Alarm sounds. Slowly move to asses how sore I feel.

6:10-Dress for day. Pack Gatorade.

6:30-Leave for doctors.

7:00-Blood work and ultrasound.

7:45-Arrive at work.

9:00-Take kids to Brynne's music class.

9:02-Try not to stare at the three pregnant bellies.

9:03-Try to ignore their conversation of due dates and names.

9:04-9:45-Picture me in in the class with my own child in a year or two.

12pm-Force myself to eat lunch. Medications have left me with no appetite.

1-2:00-Browse blogs. Get inspiration. Fight the urge to check out BabiesRUs.com.

2:30-Get call from nurse. Everything is progressing great. Feel a sigh of relief.

4:00-Pack kids up and go to park. See a set of twins. Wonder if they were conceived naturally.

6:00-Arrive home. Realize how tired I am.

7:30-Hop in the shower.

7:45-Stare in the mirror at my bruised body.

8:00-Dry hair with clothes on. Feel guilty about the extra weight infertility has given me.

9:00-Get three injections from Tom. Two in the stomach, one in the butt.

9:10-Injections done. Ouch.

9:30-Climb into bed. Watch Nip/Tuck.

10:15-Drift to sleep, knowing the hole in my heart will soon be filled.

And I will repeat the majority of it tomorrow...I will update with all the little details of estrogen levels and follicle numbers. We are DAYS away from retrieval!!!!


twondra said...

I can't imagine how tough it is on you. (((HUGS)))

Retrieval will soon be here sweetie! You've gotten through the toughest! Yay!!

amanda said...

wow. just remember this is all only for a season. and lord willing a short one!

The Patterson's said...

Sounds a little like my days lately....I, too, am waiting on a call from the nurse about b/w and u/s I had today. We're following the same schedule - hopefully, we'll both get our BFP this time!

Dianne said...

You are so close!!!! I have to look forward to a schedule like that in about 2 weeks! Good Luck!!!

Tiffany said...

Days away? That is great news!

Staci said...

Just clicking on your blog brought back a wave of memories. Good luck to you and your husband. IVF is so tough. I too kept an IVF blog it was so nice for friends and family to go to and read instead of getting 50 calls everytime I had a dr appt.