Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brady's Birthday

This weekend went by too fast! Its hard to believe its already Sunday evening. I am exhausted again, but we did have a pretty big day. Tom and I went downtown for our appointment at 7am. I have 11 measurable follicles, 16 total. The largest is measuring at 15. The plan is to continue the same medications tonight and go in tomorrow morning for a re-check. The nurse said ER is looking like Friday or Saturday. There are two downsides to it being Friday. Ferns memorial service is planned for 11am that day. I will be very sad if I have to miss it. Also, its Friday the 13th. I am not a very superstitious person, but don't know how I feel about that date. I guess it would be cute if it is done Saturday. What a romantic way to spend Valentines Day..I will take whatever day my body decides is necessary.

We only made it through about 20 minutes of our CSI marathon before we went back to bed. Those few extra hours of sleep were much needed! This afternoon was Braydon's big birthday bash. I am very sore and wasn't able to jump around as I would have liked. Instead I took the role of photographer. Braydon LOVED his bike. He opened all his gifts from his friends and then opened the helmet my parents bought him. Everyone kinda said..Wow, Brady, what will you use that with? And wha-la, in comes Auntie Erin with a beautiful new bike. He was ecstatic.

Brady and Tyler in matching shirts

Playing basketball

Kiddos in the obstacle course

Tom and Charleigh sliding down

Three pretty girlies

Mikey striking a pose

Brady jumping through the tunnel

Ama and baby Tyler

Me and the sweaty B-day boy

Mikey ready to slide

All the littles

Tom resting

I can not believe he is 5!

Present time

His reaction to the bike

One happy guy

I think he likes it :)

Happy Birthday, Braydon Allen

Tom Brady and Me
The three siblings

I cant take credit for this one-
Photo taken by Delaney

Daddy, Brady, Mommy

Tomorrow is his real birthday. The evening will consist of more cake and gifts. I am hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly. I am ready for retrieval!


twondra said...

Love the pictures!!

The week before my retrieval, I was pretty sore and tired so I can understand how you feel. Can't wait to hear how things go!!!

Sarie Lou Who said...

in just a few weeks you're going to be a mommy to embie babies! :)

Mimi said...

Those pictures are great!!! It looks liek you had a great time. I LOVE your shirt!!! I would love one in every color. It looks so cute but yet, so comfortable!!! I can't wait for you big day!! Thinking of you~


Angelwingsbaby said...

Wow looks like fun,Your almost there I can't believe how fast time has gone.((hugs))

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

11 follicles is great! I would have done back flips for 11! I only had five...only two made it to transfer...and two are now called Paxton and Kellen! Hang in there, you are getting close!!!