Friday, January 2, 2009

St. Petersburg

Florida was such a great trip. Our friends Sam and Bretton also arrived on Christmas, but earlier in the day. They stayed at a hotel that first night and we picked them up Friday morning. The rest of the vacation was filled with all the right activities-sleeping in, tanning(or burning for me), cooking yummy meals, going to the beach, reading, relaxing. It was exactly what a vacation should be.

Tom in his heaven

Sam and Erin in the Gulf

Me and my babe

At the boardwalk

Posing at the pier

The girls

Shadow kisses :)

Down by the bay

Bretton and Sam

Drinkin' wine by the pool

Our last night

Hours before returning to Chicago weather
Me in my heaven

We went to see the movie Marley and Me on Saturday night. It was the saddest movie I have ever seen. Even sadder than the Notebook or Titanic. There were two parts in particular that I couldn't hold back tears. The theatre was packed and everyone was crying. It ended up being a great movie that I cant wait to buy, but next time Ill have a box of tissues in hand.

The entire vacation, I was sure I was pregnant. With that huge progesterone number, sore boobs, and extreme could I not be? I started the cycle thinking there was no chance. I ended it confident that it worked. I was so wrong. I took a test on Sunday morning, saw a negative and still thought I was pregnant. It didn't become real until I got the call Tuesday morning. I am disappointed that IUI's were unsuccessful for us, but optimistic about IVF.
Speaking of IVF, I am on CD 2 of IVF #1. My period arrived first thing yesterday morning. I went in today for blood work and an ultrasound. Everything came back normal and I was given a pack of birth control. I find it ironically funny that these are the first birth control pills I have ever taken and I have been TTC for 2 years! I start those tomorrow and will continue for 3 weeks, my last pill being on January 23rd. Tom and I go in Monday to meet with the Dr. We will be signing papers and getting our protocol.
IVF still scares me to death. I know the success rates are higher, but there is no guarantee. This is a one shot deal for us. There will not be an IVF #2 or more for at least a year if this doesn't work. I have promised to stay positive and trust that I will be made into a Mommy.

Before I forget, in the midst of holidays and travel, we had 3 people get engaged! My two cousins, Jessy and Molly and our friend Elise that we just went to dinner with. I am super excited for all of them. I love, love, love weddings. I hope to have a belly at some of them! 2009 is going to be a big, expensive, amazing year.


Dave and Elaine said...

Enjoyed this post so much...considering the Sunshine State is my home! Glad you enjoyed your trip! Praying for you as you enter IVF. Happy New Year!

Kalle said...

Looks like an amazing vacation. I love Florida, it is one of my favorite places to be. Praying for good news in 09.

RDgirl said...

Oh your trip looked like it was so much fun! I'm glad you had a relaxing time before starting IVF. You'll be in my prayers!

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a great time on vacation and that warm weather looks so nice!! Here is to praying that your IVF round will be the answer for you.

I can honestly say that it is hard because there are no guarantees, but as I went through IVF... I constantly told myself to keep the faith and stay positive and well now I have my little boy. Best of luck to you!!

Ashley said...

Glad you had fun on vacation. I love Florida!! I am waiting for my period to start also...but I will be a few weeks behind you because I have to do the Clomid challenge test before I take the birth control. I will be reading your post and taking in every word because you will be my IVF teacher;) I am praying that this works for you!!! Have a great weekend

A.V.A said...

Great pics! We were at Pass-a-Grille beach the day after Christmas. We live about 30 minutes from St. Pete. I'm sorry about your BFN. I hope your IVF takes on the first try.

beth ewing said...

praying for you girl. i'm anxious for you but only b/c i want it to work for you. looks like you guys had fun.

Kahla said...

What awesome pictures! IVF doesn't have a guarantee and can be scary, but when it works it is oh-so-worth it! I'll be rooting you on!