Thursday, January 1, 2009

Late Christmas

I am very behind in the blogging world and refuse to just skip over everything. Lets rewind to Christmas Eve. Tom and I both worked until about 3 pm and then went over to Toms dad, Greg's apartment. His two sisters also came by and we exchanged gifts. Greg bought Stefi a pink North face jacket, which she was extremely excited about. Jennifer wasn't feeling good and decided to head home. Tom, Stefi, Greg and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday. It was a ton of fun and a delicious meal. We then proceeded over to Toms mom, Sues house. We gave her the pictures we took and she loved everything! She could wait to hang it up. She gave us a beautiful frame with a pic from our wedding in the middle and one of each set of parents on the sides. Ill have to post a pic of it. We also got a new DVD player to replace our broken one. We hung out all night and went to mass at 11 pm. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

Stefi opening her gifts

Looking good in her North face

At Sue's on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning may have topped all the previous years. We all gather in my parents living room and open presents. It's a scene of pure chaos and I love every minute of it.

Some of the gifts

The other side of the tree

Tyger making a goofy face

Braydon with his Nintendo DS

Jay holding Brady, Dad holding Tyler, Mike holding Mikey

Baby's 1st Christmas

Me and my little man

Mikey with his gifts from us

Tommy and his new shoes

Jean with the frame I put together

Brady opening his IPOD

Delaney with the dress up chest I made special for her

My favorite people in the entire world

The pups had their fair share of gifts and treats, but I somehow missed taking their pictures. We had a relaxing afternoon and decided to take the last flight out to Tampa, around 8pm. Our flight was delayed, as it was coming in from the west coast. Then, it was delayed another 30 minutes because someone threw up and they needed to clean the plane. Other than that, we had a great flight and arrived in Tampa around 1 am. The trip was unforgettable, but deserves a seperate post. :)

Even without a baby in my womb or in my arms, we managed to have a great Christmas. I am still somewhat happy the holidays are over. I am ready to begin 2009..


Ashley said...

Glad to see that you are back :) I missed reading your post!! Well it looks like we might be IVF cycle might be a little ahead of me since I have to do the clomid challenge test. I am looking forward to it. I know this will work for us!!! Have a great day:)