Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fate in a Vial

I called my nurse on Friday to express my concerns on the pending test results. She basically said one of three things will happen.

Scenerio 1-My levels come back normal. We will continue with the IVF plan and I will go in Jan. 23rd for blood and ultrasound, as previously planned.

Scenerio 2-My levels come back elevated. I start medicine every day to lower them. I will go back for another re-check two weeks later. I will take birth control a few extra weeks and eventually continue with the IVF. Of course, that is only if the levels return to normal.

Scenerio 3-My levels come back elevated. We decide to lower them through medicine and stop the birth control. If the dr. thinks this may be the main problem with me not getting pregnant, we back up a few steps. Trying on our own, more IUI's...I'm not sure what he will suggest.

I can't decide which one is the best case scenerio. Obviously, the one that ends in a peanut or two. I wish I new which path I would be taking. I guess I will find out soon enough.

Again, my fate sits in a vial of blood. Sigh..

In happy news, Tommy and I are planning a roadtrip to the Mall of America! We bought a bigger second car back in August and I have been anxious to take a long drive since. I think we are going to be brave and take Mikey, 9, Braydon, almost 5, and Delaney, 3. Its about a 7 hour drive. I dont think that would be bad if we loaded up with IPOD's and DVD players. They recently put in the first Nickelodeon themed park, which the kiddos would love! Neither Tom or I have ever been to Minnesota. We can check another state off our list. Woo-hoo! Thank goodness I have those kids to keep me busy until I have my own. :)


Mimi said...

I will pray for whatever is healthy and prduces a quick bean or two. Praying for you honey. Listen to your heart (of course the RE) but I had to go through three RE's to finally get the right thing done so RE's aren't always right eighter. That's scary actually!!! Good luck sweetheart!


Mrs. Hammer said...
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Mrs. Hammer said...

Opps, deleted my comment!

I can only imagine the frustration of waiting to find out because the results can change everything. But to know that this might be the key to your infertility would make it twice as difficult. Prolactin affects ovulation so if you've had issues with ovulating in the past then resolving the prolactin issue may be the key otherwise I'd go for scenario 2. Either way I'll pray that God's will for your plans will become clear to you so you can confidently head in the right direction.

(P.S. this is RDgirl from Inner Monlogue, I just changed my ID name :)

Ashley said...

I'm sorry that you have this added stress!! I'm hoping that everything works out great and you will be pregnant very very soon!! The trip sounds like so much fun!!