Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Thank you for all the encouragement and birthday wishes! In a perfect world, I could meet with each of you individually and give you a giant hug for being there. Then again, in a perfect world, we would all be pregnant. :)

We had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday night we went to dinner and a movie with two other couples. We ate at Olive Garden-yum!-and saw Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Although we both love Kevin James, we weren't expecting much from the movie. We were pleasantly surprised! It was a great night with great friends.
Saturday night we went to a bar called Rascals with my siblings and friends. They have karaoke on Saturday and I love to sing! I actually have been looking into joining the church choir because I miss singing on a regular basis. Anyway, we had tons of fun. I am planning on it being my last night of drinking for at least a year...come on pregnancy!

My beautiful best friend, Jamie

Jamie, Me, Ally, Sissy

Singin' Carrie Underwood

Sam and Erin

Eric, Brandon, Tom, Bretton

Me and My love

Sunday ended up being a very lazy day. We did a whole lot of nothin'. Our family friend, Fern, was admitted to the hospital in the morning with a case of pneumonia. She is 101 years old. She is more like a grandmother to me and my siblings. She lived with my Nana for more than 40 years and has been there throughout our entire lives. They were really scared for her health and said they would be surprised if she made it through the night. Well, that amazing woman is still alive and getting better! She is one tough cookie. How many 101 year old women can beat pneumonia? She may have other problems, but right now, they are working on getting it out of her system.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here is the gift I received on Saturday. I like to call it my Upgrade/Birthday gift/I'm sorry you're infertile/Let's start IVF gift..

I love it so much!

Monday, Tom and I had to get up early for his appointment. We had his sample frozen as a backup for our retrieval day. I doubt we will need it, but its one less thing to stress about. I was a little aggravated because they charged us $200. If you remember, they last told me $150. I wish they knew what they were talking about. Oh well..birthday money well spent.

I got my hair highlighted in the afternoon and I love it! My regular hair dresser was overseeing a girl in training. Therefore, my usual over $100 appointment was free. Yipee! Monday night we went to visit Fern in the hospital. She has a long road ahead of her, but I don't see her going anywhere anytime soon.

I can't believe I only have 3 birth control pills left. Since taking it, I have not had a full nights sleep. I am broken out more than I have ever been. My breasts are still extremely tender. I am not looking forward to the affects of the Lupron. I am, however, ready to endure any pain/discomfort to get us closer to that peanut.
Doctors appointment is set for 7:30 am Friday. If all goes well, I will begin the injections on Saturday. Holy cow..that is soon!


Ashley said...

Glad you had a great bday weekend!! I love the top you had on:) and the ring is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so happy that you are getting closer to that little peanut!!

twondra said...

Glad you had a fun weekend!! The ring is gorgeous. I can't wait to hear if you're starting this weekend!!!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Oohh that is quite the sparkly!

You know...seeing that the sample cost was $200 but your $100 hair appointment was free, technically you are ahead. You would have spent $300 (hair + sample) but technically you really only spent $100 ($200 sample-$200 hair) :)

Kalle said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Your ring is absolutely beautiful. It took my body a bit to adjust to the pill, when I first started I gained like 7 pounds...most of it my boobs.
Fingers crossed this first cycle is the one for you.