Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tricky Cervix

First, thanks for all your sweet comments. They are more appreciated than you'll ever know.

I am feeling really good about this cycle. I would say we have the best chance this time than ever before. Tom is totally convinced that it I am pregnant. I try to explain to him that the implantation wouldn't occur until a few days later. He doesnt want to hear it. That boy wants to be a Daddy. He has waited far too long!

The IUI on Tuesday went great. His numbers were 37 million and 91% motility. I bled a little; I think my cervix has had enough. Today the numbers were even better, 44 million and 92% motility. Unfortunatley, my cervix had it up to here with the cathedars and didn't want to cooperate. It took two nurses and twenty minutes to have a five minute procedure done. Oh well, it really wasn't too bad. I can't believe I won't be doing this again next month. I have gotten so used to planning for it month after month. Six IUI's within four cycles has left me tired. Physically and emotionally drained. Now I am unsure if we should jump straight into an IVF cycle or take a break. There are many pros and cons. I'll worry about that later. I promised myself that I would stay positive and confident over the next two weeks.

I am attending my first RESOLVE meeting tomorrow. I was supposed to go last month, but it happened to be the same week my sister had Tyler. I was stuck at home watching Brady and Delaney and had to back out of going. I am nervous, but super excited to meet other infertile women in real life! I can bet I'll be the youngest one there. Speaking of that, I read in Cosmo yesterday that 6% of women between 20-24years old have trouble concieving. Statistics like that kill me. Seriously, 6%?

Im going to lay down, start reading Twilight, and fertilize. :)


Happily Ever After said...

6%! That bothers me too. I'm glad you're feeling good about this cycle. I'm feeling good about it too. Let me know how the RESOLVE meeting goes. I need to see if there's a RESOLVE group in my area. Usually I would go in tomorrow for the check but since it's the last day before break (I teach first grade!), I am going on Friday so I don't have to take another day off work. :)

Happily Ever After said...

I'll keep you updated! :)

Ashley said...


WantWait&Pray said...

We have a Resolve group here where I live and I have never attended...let me know how it goes.
Also.....enjoy Twilight! I loved, LOVED those books and am so sad I finished the series. I might read them all again!

twondra said...

Good luck sweetie! I hope this is it for you! Have fun at the RESOLVE!