Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Halfway There

I am 6/7 days post IUI's. I had my progesterone level checked today and it was the highest its ever been at 36.5! I am hoping that is a good sign. The nurse said it doesn't give any indication to whether there is a pregnancy or not. My boobs are extremely sore. I usually have that problem a few days before my period, but that isn't for almost a week. Again, I am hoping this is a sign. My beta is on 12/30. I think I will test on the 29th. How great would it be to tell Tom on the beach in Florida? Amazing..

Speaking of Florida, we are heading out mid-afternoon on Christmas day. We are flying on stand-by, so we may not make the flight we want. I am already stressing about sitting in the airport all day. I know it will be smooth sailing as soon as we get there, as we have a confirmed flight home Monday. I will go through all this aggravation and spend my Christmas bonus on this trip because, like I always tell Tom, "What baby wants, baby gets."

I don't know if I will be by a computer at all during the trip. I will bring my laptop and probably come on briefly in the airport and to check in for our flight. I am hoping to come home to some BFP's!

Merry Christmas to all of you. I know this week is especially difficult for my fellow IF women, but we can get through it. I hope to God that next Christmas we each have a new baby in our arms.


JalenasMommy said...

I'm a blog lurker! But this month is your month! My fingers are crossed for you!!

Lisa said...

Wishing, Hoping and Praying that you soon will get that postive news you want. The wait is the hardest, but keep the FAITH. Enjoy the beach : )

Ashley said...

Wishing you luck!! Have fun on your trip. Merry Christmas!!

twondra said...

I hope those are good signs! Hope you had a great Christmas!