Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Pics

We have gotten a ridiculous amount of snow this year, already! Usually we have little snow before Christmas. Not this year! Chicago has had quite a few snowstorms the past few weeks. One was on Tuesday evening. Luckily, I had nowhere to be that night. We are expected to get 8 inches of snow starting at 7pm this evening. I just got an email that they are cancelling the RESOLVE meeting due to the weather. I am very. very disappointed. I was really hoping to get extra support one week before Christmas. I guess I'll just have to lean on my blogger buddies instead. Oh, and Tom, too. ;)

I also recieved the email with our portraits in it! I downloaded them and added some here. The quality isnt the best because they dont want you printing them out yourself. The goal was to get a picture of the four of us. We succeded at that and much, much more.

Erin, Tom, Stefanie and Jennifer

Stefanie, Tommy, Jenn

The siblings-Tom, Jenn, Stefi

My handsome hubby and his TWIN.


Husband and Wife<3

Me and My Everything

Can't decide if I like B & W better?
I am really happy with the turn out! I will pick them up tonight, as long as the snow allows. I am going to frame a few for Tom's mom and his dad.
When we left JCPenney, Tom said-"Too bad there be any room for Jenn and Stef in the picture next year...because it will be filled with babies."
I hope so, darling, I really hope so.


amanda said...

i like the b and w better. :0)

Ashley said...

Cute pics! I like the black and white better:) Wish you would send a little snow my was 78 here today:(

Happily Ever After said...

The family pictures look great. I love black and white pictures so of course the last one is my favorite. Wow! Snow? It was in the 70s today. We were celebrating Christmas inside our classrooms but it felt like summer outside. I miss the snow! :)

twondra said...

I hope next year it is filled with babies. :) You have a beautiful family.

Josh and April said...

Snow? What's that?!?! It is seriously 70 here today! Oh, and the black and white is my fav!

Jessica said...

Cute pictures....and I feel you with the snow. I think your snow from yesterday is hitting us today. We are at about 8 inches and climbing...but I will take the snow any day over ICE!

Kalle said...

You all look wonderful. I'd really like to get some photos done, we haven't had any pros since the wedding.(3 years)

I like the B&W but I think the color would stand out more in a frame.