Thursday, December 4, 2008

End of Vegas

Wrapping up our trip...On day three, we awoke feeling tired and drained. We could have stayed in bed all day, but forced ourselves to get up and enjoy the day. Boy, we were glad we did. First, we had to pick up the tickets to our show from Mirage. We walked there and then backtracked to Bellagio for brunch. This was the most elegant and filling buffet I have ever been to. They had everything..sushi, crab, omelets, a huge desert selection..the list could go on forever. Now, the line for this brunch was over an hour. We were waiting about fifteen minutes when a woman walked out and asked if there were two of us. We replied with a yes and she took us straight to sit at the bar. We skipped the majority of the line and were so happy. Its so nice when little things like that happen.

Brunch at Bellagio

Stuffed, we walked through the hotels on the south side of the strip. I was blown away by Caesars Palace. It was humongous and they were adding more construction at the time. Inside, they had beautiful paintings, gorgeous ceilings and tons of shops. They also had a 3 floor FAO Schwartz store that brought out the little kid in me. It was awesome!

Inside Caesars Palace

If only it was that easy to get a baby..

We crossed the street and got tickets for the gondola ride at the Venetian. You had the option to pay for 2 people and ride with two strangers, or pay for 4 people and have a private ride. We didn't want to spend the extra money and purchased just two tickets. Luckily, no other 2 person groups were in line when we were, so we got a private ride at the cheaper price. Again, I love when stuff like that happens! The ride was about 15 minutes and you wouldn't believe how romantic and relaxing. We went under a bridge that was supposed to be a wishing bridge. Tom and I giggled and kissed and knew what the other person was wishing for.

Tom and the Venetian

On our gondola ride

My heart still skips a beat

Baby, its so easy lovin' you

Following that, we decided to go into the wax museum. We weren't sure if we wanted to pay $42, but we were pleasantly surprised. Bear with me, there are a lot of pictures. We had a ton of fun and totally got our moneys worth.

Which one doesn't belong?

Toms best impression

Marrying the most eligible bachelor

Tom giving Tiger some pointers

Me and MJ, representing Chicago

Tom doing tricks

Smoochin' Tim McGraw

Tipping Britney Spears

Me and The King

Tom kicking Bush

Bush stealing all my money..tee-hee

Hilarious, right? I laugh every time I look through the pictures.
Anyway, we walked back to the hotel, stopping in hotels on the other side of the strip. We rested for a while, showered and got ready for our show that night. At this point, I couldn't physically wear any shoes for a prolonged period of time. I had blisters and cuts all over my feet. I had to dress up for the show, so we opted to take a cab over to Treasure Island.

Treasure Island Hotel


PART of Caesars Palace

Its 5:00 somewhere

Pretty pink Flamingo

I love them!

Fountain show at night

So beautiful
The show we saw was Mystere. It was phenomenal! We has second row seats and it was almost 2 hours, making it worth paying so much. It was a great way to end our last night in Las Vegas!
We woke up on our last day, packed and checked out. We gambled one last time and both fell in love with the Deal or No Deal game. Thankfully, we didn't see that one until the last day, otherwise we would have come back empty handed! We walked around, thank goodness I brought gym shoes, and bought some souvenirs. Our flight back was a little more crowded, but not bad. We arrived at 11:30pm to a foot of snow! What a difference 70 degrees is compared to 20!
Me and my fave game

It was a bit sunny

Goodbye, Monte Carlo

Home Sweet Home
The whole vacation was great. We really needed it. Less than three weeks until Florida...


Kalle said...

What a great vacation. I love the wax museum photos. That gondola ride looked fantastic.

The Epps Family said...

Good luck with your IVF. I know it's a long tough row to hoe.

I noticed your husband's Alabama tee shirt. I'm a Bama grad--Roll Tide!